Why? Why Not?


This is it: the final stretch before the competition on Saturday.

Trainer Ben thinks I’m holding it all together, but little does he know that I’ve had a few melt downs along the way.

Truly, the last week has been a test of motivation and I’ve been so close to throwing in the towel and surrendering in a heap of exhaustion.

Why for god’s sake am I pursuing this grueling training and putting my body through all this stress? Why?

Because this is who I am meant to be. I feel strong, empowered. I am finally comfortable in my own skin and the positive self-belief spills over into my life outside the gym too.

I spent my high school years being hopelessly unpopular and brutally bullied by the A-Team girls. I have been told by emotional abusive ex-boyfriends that I’m difficult and no one would ever want me. Up to this point, I’ve always been restlessly seeking affirmation that I wasn’t ugly, stupid or socially awkward.

Ben has always told me that “bodybuilding” is a selfish sport.

You are weight training and slaving away for yourself only. And I agree, it’s selfish. But EVERYONE should exercise this selfishness because if you don’t invest in your good health and body, then who will? Being proactive is better than being reactive and I don’t recommend that you wait until a heart attack to tell you otherwise!

sports motivationI have learnt that we ALL have control over our fate in this world. If you are great, you CHOOSE to be great. You can either choose to sit on the couch or you can choose to be active.

The reason I started my fitness journey is because I passionately want to help others learn more about healthy living and improving their own quality of life.

My mum and dad are my entire world.

My mum and dad are my entire world.

I have picked up knowledge on exercise and nutrition that has not only challenged my own perception about food, but also open up my family’s eyes to their own lifestyle choices.

We experienced a rude awakening when my mum was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes over a year ago. Poor dietary choices coupled with an indulgent fast food lifestyle, it was a ticking time bomb that non of us considered. The most frustrating thing about it is that it could have all been avoided if we had known more about nutrition and had the knowledge to make healthier choices.

ABOVE: Lindy Oslen, natural champion and fitness ambassador at the Melbourne FitX expo 2013. An inspirational role model, I was so excited that she was so down to earth and still can’t believe I met her!

The more people I touch with my own accounts and experience, the more I am succeeding on this journey to become a positive health advocate!

What drives you in your life and are you where you want to be?

Find your “why” and the journey becomes an enjoyable experience.

This might be my last entry before I slip into water manipulation hell and start staring at my favorite white wall in a depleted daze. So, before my brain cells go on strike until Saturday, I want to thank everyone for reading and supporting me throughout.

Your comments and visits to my lil’ ol blog has motivated me to keep going and I hope I have at least provided you with some reading material while you sit on the can (admit it, everyone does it on their iphones! lol). In the words of Arnie, I’ll be back!

Love you all,



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26 responses to “Why? Why Not?

    • Thank you and I demand you stop being nervous and work your sexy booty when you get out there on stage for your comp! You deserve every second of fame, you hear xx

  1. Bahaha. You speak the truth. Also, you are super hot!!! With or without the huge guns, I’m sure :) Also, even if you are socially awkward in person (I’m sure you’re not), at least you write well, which gets way more points in my book. Good luck!!! Excited to hear how it goes :)

  2. Awesome post! Kick ass in your competiton…be present while there. Don’t think about anyone or anything else except accomplishing the goal of fimishing well…and then smile. A smile does a lot to quash nerves. You worked for this, therefore you will have it!
    Best of luck to you!

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and your inspiring comment- I definitely smiled as much as I could up there thinking of your words! :)
      Have a nice day xxo

      • Awesome!  You look great!  That hard work (and the stepper! lol) paid off!  I wish i had the courage and ability to take pics like that…i think that will be my next goal.  At heart, i’m a strength girl, but i like being a sexy, pretty girl too!!!  Again, great job! *smile*

  3. did you visit the FitX on the Sunday?
    I SWEAR YOU WERE IN FRONT OF ME in the wellness centre, having your bodyfat levels tested on a machine!

    • Yes that was most likely me, how funny! I wanted to know my body mass index because my trainer hadn’t told me my stats for a few weeks prior to FitX lol did you have fun on that day? :)

      • haha well there you go.
        That’s hilarious.
        What a coincidence.
        Out of EVERYONE there – I see you and then 2 weeks later I stumble across your blog reporting on your bikini competition journey.

      • Looks like the man upstairs is having some fun with Google! There’s actually more to this story than a bikini contest… Can’t wait to drop the next post but need to keep it on a down low for now- there’s some secret squirrel shenanigans happening ;)

  4. Skye, hang in there! You are I’m in my prayers!! You can do this!!! Like I’ve told you in the past, you’re such an inspiration! You have a fan in me!! —- Joseph

  5. That’s the beauty in training…you sometimes directly and in other scenarios, you can indirectly influence someone. With the information you’ve gained, you can directly influence your mom’s eating habits. But in the same token, someone can see you from a distance and gain the courage to begin their journey. It’s what I love about this. Wishing you the best of luck with this current endeavor.

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