Why Women Should Do Weights


Sometimes I wonder what century we are living in when I see a women’s health magazine promoting this:

women's health and fitness magazine australia

“Moves for muscle-phobes: fat-burning moves 100& blast, 0% bulk”

Are you kidding me? How absolutely backwards is this statement, not to mention reinforcing the ridiculous notion that you will “bulk” simply by exercising?!

Let me straighten this up: it is freakin’ hard for women to put on muscle bulk and I am a living example of this.

I have been lifting weights since October 2012. It’s now November 2013 and I have only managed to put on little over 5kg of muscle mass, and that’s me going all out at the gym 6 out of 7 days a week and eating like crazy.

skye lee 2nd open model short anb asia pacific 2013

We all come in different shapes and sizes, but shock horror: all the girls in this photo LIFT. Still think weights make you look manly?

Women just don’t have the level of human growth hormones (testosterone) that guys do. What does this mean? It means that unless you are injecting yourself with steroids, you won’t turn into a she-man by lifting weights. In fact, some women can do with some muscle because it’s muscle that helps you torch/burn/melt fat faster.


More muscle mass equals less body fat~ bye-bye turkey arms and lower belly pooch and hello perky ass and toned, lean arms

Sure, you’ll drop a few kilos on the scales if you keep your cardio exercise up but if you only have a small ratio of muscle on your frame you’ll start looking like a chain-smoking anorexic supermodel instead of sexy and strong (think Katy Perry in her jungle outfit in her video-clip for “Roar”).

fit vs skinny

Which would you rather: no fat no muscles, or lean and toned muscles?

So please, for the love of God, do not shun the true benefits of weight training because of some silly hoscience proclaiming that you will “look like a man”. No you won’t. You’ll look freakin’ awesome, not to mention stronger mentally and physically.

Phew, rant over…going to shave my upper lip growth and punch a couple of holes in a wall now.

Until next time, say no to ‘roids,


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13 responses to “Why Women Should Do Weights

  1. Preach, my sistah friend! I’ve had people say the same thing to me. I competed a few weeks ago and had people approaching me saying they wanted to start going to the gym but didn’t want to bulk. I was in the bikini division and my response every time was – did I look “bulky?!” The answer was obviously no! Thanks for laying it all out ;)

    • Hey Stacie, how funny is it when people make those comments and you think, “Damn, sorry I don’t have a flat ass and my arms don’t wobble like bingo night at a retirement home!” That’s so exciting you were in a bikini comp, did you enjoy it? The prep work is pretty intense, but it does make you stronger mentally and physically. Stay balanced and beautiful, Skye xx

  2. Skye I’ve missed your blog posts!! Come back and educate us more about lifting weights! And guess what? I started lifting! I’m following the Jamie Eason LiveFit plan anddd I thought I hated lifting weights but it’s actually kind of fun. I feel like I actually have biceps, which is awesome. Anyway I think you’re partly to thank for me starting the program because I’ve been marinating on some of your blog posts for a long time but I finally just got off my butt and started lifting! So thanks! :)

    • Omg how exciting- I was so happy when I read your post that I started jumping up and down in the kitchen with the biggest, cheesiest grins on my face…my boyfriend thought I was nuts lol! :)
      How AWESOME do you feel and look now that you are on your way to building some amazing curves? ;) You have to post some selfies soon to show your progress- keep documenting the changes because you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Take care love, Skye xxo

      • Haha I did take some selfies and I look absolutely ridiculous lol. I feel so much stronger, it’s amazing, but it’s the diet that’s hard for me to get under control, so I feel like I’m building muscle under a ton of flubber :( It’s taking some time to get the hang of eating 5-6 small meals a day…sometimes I end up eating snack-type meals earlier in the day and then eating oversized meals later on. Do you have any tips? Do you eat small meals throughout the day? Can’t remember. Oh but I thought of you the other day because I packed fish in my lunch and I was like please for the love of God let no one be around while I eat this…

      • That’s right girl, eat that fish lunch with pride and stand up for your right to choose healthy, not deep fried! Heheh…the food part is always going to take a while, but give it time. I know I’ve labelled food as bad or naughty in the past but I’ve really done it for a whinge and there is actually no “bad” food out there- if you eat in moderation! You need to do what is right for you and experiment with portion sizes. I was on smaller portions throughout the day because I didn’t want to eat 400g of meat at each sitting when I was trying to get my protein ratio for the day, but my body seems to adapt better to 3 decent sized meals a day (where I am full but not stuffed), with small snacks in between. Just have fun with it and try seeing what works best for your day to day life :)

  3. Missed your posts Skye! And you’re so right! To look like a female Arnold, you would probaaaably have to take creatine every hour. I can’t read women’s fitness magazines. Only certain ones!

    • Hehe I may have been off the radar but I’ve been completely inspired by your fitness journey :) I don’t usually pick up women’s fitness magazines, but Oxygen is the exception- written by women who practice what they preach.

      • Aww thanks dollface!

        Yup for sure!! I totally agree. I also like STRONG fitness mag. You should also try looking at GORGO – it’s in the App Store (it’s digital so you can def get it down unda!) ;)

  4. Creating muscle, especially above the waist, is the only way to remove belly-fat. This is proven beyond a doubt! Eating right, weight-training and the right amount of cardio and we can all Be Lean and Strong at Any Age! At 61, I am living proof!

    • I couldn’t say so better myself :) You are an inspiration Deb and know you’d be inspiring a lot of other people to get past the whole, “Oh, I’m too old to exercise” connotations and start moving! x

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