Not so secret diary of a fitness bunny…


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Previous to discovering this little thing called “the Gym”, I spent most of my life as an anti-exercise advocate and my family and friends knew me as a serial Take-Out Queen!

Yep, initially I couldn’t believe that people actually paid good money to sweat, groan and lift pieces of metal while admiring themselves in front of a mirror.

Have you seen the difference between a typical marathon runner and a sprinter? As soon as I realised I was running in circles looking more and more like a skeleton, I got myself a gym membership and quickly progressed from hopeless cardio bunny to squatting serious kg’s in the big boys’ section.

6 fitness model competitions later, I’m now addicted to the point where I’ve completed my Cert III & IV in Fitness and hell bent on spreading the wellness gospel to inspire others to get healthy!

Join me for the ride and hopefully you can also pick up some helpful tips to assist in your own fitness goals.

Here’s to trials and tribulations as I bumble my way through the world of sports modelling competitions, building my ass one painful rep at a time!

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47 thoughts on “Not so secret diary of a fitness bunny…

  1. Thank you so much for your kind words Joe 🙂 I have been a bit slack with the posts, but hopefully when I get my brain and time back I’ll get back on it lol Thanks for visiting xx

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