The Starting Block


Call it a mid-life crisis, but this week I decided to start training for a sports model comp. 

I’ve been told the easiest part of my decision is handing over the money to pay for a personal trainer…I’m releasing like a deer in the headlights that this was an understatement!

My fitness obsession began four months ago

Sick of waiting in the car while my gym-worshiping boyfriend strutted the weights section in his impossibly tight singlet, I figured I may as well take advantage of the dead time and start getting some heavy breathing in too. At first I was pounding the cardio machines and got leaner, but my ass and muscle composition stayed the same. After some convincing from Mr. Tight Pecks, I started to wean myself off the cardio and took to lifting weights.

It’s funny how most girls react to the thought of weight training. Often met with a scrawled face and look of clueless horror, I’m usually confronted with, “Ewww gross, I knew a girl who did heaps of weights and her quad muscles now look like Arnie’s.” That was my initial reaction too, and I would have slapped me for that comment!

So here I am, getting to the pointy end of 20 and signing up to push and pull muscles in my body I didn’t even know existed. My decision to take this up was mainly to challenge myself physically. I know what it feels like to run until my lungs cry for oxygen, but to push every fiber in my being to the point of exhaustion- the sense of achievement after successfully finishing a set is addictive in an abusive, punishing sort of way. Maybe I am a closet sociopath?

In hindsight, I now know my decision is pretty left field…

Firstly, I am an Asian female and my race isn’t generally known to appreciate muscles on girls.

Secondly, I don’t have boobs. Well, I do, but they don’t scream, “hello, boys”. They barely fill up a decent B-cup bra, so I’m tentative about donning a revealing bikini and prancing around a stage next to Busty Barbies. I stand at only 5″2′ (with or without stripper heels) and my ass is less then perky.

Putting these downfalls aside though, I am quietly rejoicing that I have been blessed with a fast metabolism and lean physique as a starting block- I reached a small victory in September when my lower abdominal finally made an appearance through the constant layer of puppy fat and now I’m curious to see how much more can change.

Next competition is scheduled at the start of 2013, giving me four months to really kick it up a notch. Queuing the Rocky montage in my head now for some good ol’ motivation!

If Sly can be a contender, then so can I…


5 thoughts on “The Starting Block

  1. Healthy Glow Nutrition

    You’re welcome! I do crazy walking lunges across the gym and back until my legs almost give out lol I guess it takes time to build this ass of mine out of nothingness lol 🙂 I haven’t done many squats but I MUST get on that ASAP!

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