Junkie’s Dream


Training has officially commenced and so have the supplements.

I feel like a geriatric.

After four consecutive days of lifting reps and counting sets, my forearms are constantly aching and my ass muscles have been twitching involuntarily. Luckily, the smart cookies at my personal training camp dispense supplements like a Chemist Warehouse- not only am I having to carry my own home cooked meals (gluten free, sugar free, high protein and low carb), I now also have to pop pills like Rick James smoked crack.

I’m steadily accumulating a collection of  zip locked plastics marked “BCAA” in my gym bag, with some still housing white suspect pills.

BCAA (branched chain amino acids) comes in either pill or powder form and is the holy grail for body builders because, not only are they meant to help muscle repair, they assist in building leaner muscle. Highlight of each training session is getting handed a full bag of these babies and feeling like a total junkie. Okay, I lie. The pills don’t actually make you feel anything, I just feel like a druggie because of the bags!

On top of the BCAAs, my fashionable pill case now contains dosages of Fish Oil and Ultra HCL 4.0. Both have to be consumed at every meal, with one meant to assist in muscle repair and the other with digestion because I’m increasing my meat consumption for the protein hit.

My thoughts so far on the program?

Considering that my current two routines are described as “conditioning” exercises, I am hoping that I get a whole lot stronger physically because I feel my mind is over matter at this stage.

Week one is over and I’m really looking forward to an early night tonight….seriously, I’m getting too old for this shit…

BCAA Suplements Guide


One thought on “Junkie’s Dream

  1. Good for you! Try cooking Quinoa. It’s low sugar, low carbs, high protein and fibre. Mother of all grains and easy as anything to cook (boil add pasta sauce or just olive oil, salt and lemon).

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