Free to Good Home


Christmas came early for the lucky staff members on my floor…

My goodies were grudgingly donated after a disappointing result to yesterday’s Bio-Sig test.

Turns out my body has been doing something funny with the biscuits and apple pies I’ve been eating. It’s been storing the indulgent food as fat.

Okay, so not that strange. But what a backward step on my quest for Xena-hood! The ugly 3-letter word has decided to take up temporary residence in my mid section and thighs, resulting in a 0.8% increase in body fat.

“Have you been eating more chicken the last 2 weeks?”, PT quizzed. I nodded slowly. He then went on to explain that consuming chicken too often will raise levels of estrogen into the body, resulting in fat stores around the thighs. Man, if I had known that earlier I would have rotated my barn yard animal consumption…sigh.

By the end of the session, PT’s face was riddled with disapproval. I felt like I was back in primary school again, getting kicked in the head from my piano teacher because I slacked during the week and not bothered to do my homework.

The sour feeling flicked a switch in my head.
To hell with giving up damn it, I screamed silently, I’m going to pull my finger out and start doing this properly! 

Walking back to my office with renewed determination, I knew what needed to be done: my big brown foodie bag on my desk had to go.

So this is it. All my yummy yum-yum’s have been donated to the lucky people in my office. Gone are the multiple boxes of Carmen’s cereals, tuna cans and muesli bars. All that remains are natural nut butters, salted roasted cashews, a bag of raw almonds and a bottle of extra virgin olive oil. Oh, and a bag of rice cakes (I’m not going to lie but there was a small fist pump when PT said I could keep those).

Other than the release of food mentally, week two showed how much of a reliance I had to my cardio sessions to keep the carb and sugar allowances in check. I only managed 2 sessions of HIIT in the first week and none in the second, all the while feeding my face with more biscuits and chocolate than normal.

Weight training pushed my metabolism into overdrive! I was craving biscuits and cakes all the time and keeping my mind off snacking was a struggle. But I’m learning to woosah and distracting myself every time I feel like stuffing my face. Cold drip coffee, walk around the block, drinking water…

I stopped entering the gym and cardio sessions into my calendar and I think this made me less motivated to get my gear on and go for that extra run at night. But that’s going to change. I’m reviving my work out calendar and continue to schedule those cardio sessions so I can hold myself accountable.

No more bitching out and mindlessly eating crap…god help me over Cox Plate weekend!

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3 thoughts on “Free to Good Home

  1. Thank you Mel- I haven’t been through Macca’s in a couple of months now, had to find alternatives to my favorite cheese burgers lol man, how did you not feel sick every time I ate that crap at work?!

  2. NannaMel

    A truly changed woman 🙂
    gone are the days of Maccas pancakes for breakfast, KFC lunch and pizza for dinner (yes, we DID actually have that conversation at the Glen once!)
    but, just so you know – I think you are stunningly beautiful inside and out… always have! 🙂 xxx

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