Fish…and Ricecakes….


Don’t laugh, but this video sums up what a minimal diet does to your brain.

And… then I have my fish, and then I’ll have my fish and ricecakes…. and then….

After Jon’s stint as a body builder, I understand exactly how important a balanced diet is for the brain.
Body builders aren’t born slow- the lack of carbs and proper food does that to them!

I experienced first hand the effects of an extreme lean down diet on a perfectly healthy human being. Jon started as a competent, capable person before transforming into a food-obsessed zombie in the last two-week stretch of comp preparation.

Simple tasks like opening a door became massive challenges and I have no idea how he still managed to keep seeing clients for his 9 to 5. Basically, his co-ordination was non-existent and conversation was a joke. All because he was only allowed to eat fish, chicken and broccoli. No carbs. No sugars.

Sorry for being Caption Obvious, but the body needs a balance diet and cutting whole food groups out is simply not sustainable (unless you like having the brain capacity of a gold fish).

So what is an acceptable balance of protein and carbs? I found this article (link below) extremely helpful and have referred to it every time I tried to  decide what a good or bad food types is at the supermarket.

The only thing I would say is to limit fruit to 1 or 2 pieces a day, as fruit contains a natural source of sugar (fructose). That said, don’t write fruits off though, as they have heaps of other benefits including dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals that you won’t get from eating a piece of cake.

Just eat fruit instead of that cake and you’ll be fine!

Recommended reads:
– The Nutrition Source: Healthy Eating Plate
– The Truth About Sugars in Fruit


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