Sweet Mind Games


Week 3 followed my reluctant plight into yummy food deprivation that resulted in a mass purging of biscuits, breakfast cereals, protein shakes (read: all things worth living for) from my snack collection and subsequently, my life.

Sweet, sweet food. My best friend. My soul mate. I’ve never realized how influential you have been on my mood.

My whole life before this fitness program revolved around you, with countless days canoodling over coffee shop meetings, office cake days and endless dates in trashy restaurants.

You have stopped me from having a normal coffee like a normal person. Gone are the heart-warming skinny 3/4 lattes, replaced cruelly by lifeless short blacks. You have stolen my friends at my office and I now sit, banished and on my lonesome, at my cubicle while everyone is laughing it up at yet another birthday sweets-fest.

Ah yes, eating, breathing and feeling healthy is hard but not impossible.

There is great freedom in taking a stand against something that causes you harm. Those who use this approach successfully keep an empowered mind-set. Instead of thinking they “cannot” have these foods, they “choose” not to eat them. This approach works when it feels like a free choice.

– Diane Petrella, MSW
Psychotherapist, Calorie Count Blogger

The more occasions I decline empty food, the stronger my will power becomes.

My camera roll on my phone is full of motivation photos and pictures of the body I’d like to achieve. Even though there are still days where I succumb to the odd biscuit or dark chocolate piece, the clean eating plan is definitely paying off. I love lamenting about missing out chocolate cake and waffles, but I love seeing my body changing more.

Fingers crossed that my bio-sig next week reflects the restraint I’ve been impeding on myself and there’s some lean muscle gain somewhere in the 49-sh kg frame of mine!

Diane Petrella talks to identifying your own food weaknesses (or “trigger food”) and controlling them successfully- great read right before we enter the silly festive season to prepare yourself on your own food journey. Click here to access.

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4 thoughts on “Sweet Mind Games

  1. Haha something’s got to give some times and you can’t punish yourself for a small slip up- resisting all that candy would have been a huuuuuge achievement already! I’m flattered you have reblogged my little rant, really appreciate all the support. Thanks yummy mummy!

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