Turning my Back on Doubt


Turning my Back on Doubt

Trail Mix at Lysterfield Park (Victoria, Australia)

I swore I was NEVER getting back on a mountain bike after a disastrous maiden ride back in May 2012, however my tantrum fell on deaf ears this morning and I found myself in a do-or-die situation.

Obviously, I’m still alive. Navigating gravel roads, random logs and rocks was surprisingly fun after the fear of KO’ing subsided. To top off a brilliant day, the company was priceless, weather was gorgeous and some serious calories were burnt ripping up those hills.

Learnings from today?

Grab challenges by the balls and trust in your own abilities. After all, sucking at something is the first step to sorta being good at something!

Fellow bloggers, thanks heaps for all your support and keep kicking those goals and living life to the fullest. Enjoy your weekend everyone,

Sky xx


2 thoughts on “Turning my Back on Doubt

  1. It gives a good cardio work out too, doesn’t it? I haven’t gone for a while, but looking forward to my next foray soon (probably after comp so I don’t kill myself haha!). Thanks for the encouragement and stopping by 🙂

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