Playing with the Big Boys


I’ve finally graduated into muscle singlet territory…

That’s right boys, I’ve started my first week of split sessions and going to start hogging your 15kg dumb bells muahaha…

Week 4 and I feel wrecked, mentally and physically drained. And I feel fat, seriously.

I know it sounds absolutely ridiculous, but the whole thing is starting to play with my head- my bio-sig result from last week scarred me deeper than I thought and I’m nervous about test 3. What am I eating wrong?  Am I getting fat? Am I doing enough?

Weight training is a mental battle as much as it is a physical one and psyching myself up to push that extra rep towards the end of a set is an emotional roller coaster- frustration (“Ahhhh f*ck this shit!”); determination (“C’mon don’t bitch out now!”); and elation (“F*ck yea” *kisses both guns*).

But the body that I want is only a few billion pulls, lifts and curls away and there’s no way in hell I’m going to bail out now- giving up is not an option. Bob taught me that line.

Who is “Bob”, you ask?

Bob’s the wife-beater in my head who appears every time the going gets tough. He hurls beer bottles in the form of abuse words whenever my forearms are giving out and I have the urge to drop the weights. “F*CKING PUSH THAT SHIT UP!”, he rages, “IF YOU BITCH OUT NOW, THOSE GUYS OVER THERE WILL SEND YOU BACK TO CARDIO SECTION!”

Everyone should have a “Bob”. I hear he’s responsible for all those sport motivation photos all over Facebook and starting his own line of protein shakes soon.

Don’t know where to find your Bob? This article written by freelance writer Jae Ireland shows that anybody can apply 5 simple steps to achieve motivation greatness at the gym.

Current progression report:

My biggest achievements so far has been 15kg dumbbells each hand for split lunges and 45kg sumo deadlifts.

I’ve grown baby biceps and my legs are starting to hold more meat. My posture is slightly stronger and I’ve noticed that I don’t stoop as much when I sit and walk. Stubborn tiny love handles are still sticking around my abs though- I blame the downsize in cardio sessions, however that can’t be helped as I’m doing 7am starts everyday (oh my god kill me nowwww) and by 6pm I’m usually past the point of exhaustion.

Other than that, my strength still has a long way to go. I was in the middle of a legs session when my PT decided I could handle more weight. Casually, she handed me a 25kg barbell with one hand- I couldn’t get the damn thing over my head and stumbled sideways, knocking a barbell off a Mr. (wannabe) Olympia’s back. Oh, the humiliation haha…

I have to keep reminding myself that it’s the end goal I’m working towards and tomorrow I have another chance to try harder, eat cleaner, be stronger and celebrate my achievements. I’m not going to be Superman overnight, but I will be eventually if I keep it at!

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2 thoughts on “Playing with the Big Boys

  1. Haha sounds like a true friend who would help you push through that pain barrier! I don’t know where I saw it, but apparently the last 2 reps are the ones that count so it’s definitely the right mantra to have.
    Thanks for stopping by, Sky x

  2. Haha, Bob.. I like that 🙂 At that point when it gets to the mental part, I always think of the words of my friend “when it feels like you can’t anymore, there’s at least 2 reps in you still”.. Sometimes I forget it, but shouldn’t cause it’s true! It’s all in the head 🙂 Never say I can’t!! Looking fwd to reading more!

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