Baby Got Back


Week 5 and I can safely conclude that I am not a morning person, especially if that morning involves standing in a dodgy locker room at 6:00am in nothing but my smalls, getting poked and prodded like a test rabbit.

But here I am, brain still in la-la land and eyes glazed over as I await the fate of my third bio-sig test.

PT begins to mark me up with a tailor’s crayon as I repented all the culinary sins from weeks’ past. “Curse you chocolate and your delicious sugary fare!”, I silently wailed, “I hope you didn’t take up permanent residency in my flab-dominals. And you, temptress muesli bar, why did you make me eat you?!”

It’s been a tough week and I have to admit that tears have been shed.

Last Sunday night I made an impulsive decision to grab dinner at my favorite Korean BBQ restaurant. As I rolled back to the car, clothes reeking of sizzling fat, the feeling of tremendous guilt was overwhelming. I had to text PT to confess my culinary fail. “Should I go for a run?” I furiously typed, “How about a walk? Have I done something really bad?”

In the grand scheme of things, he explained, this occasion would have counted as a “cheat” meal. However, we haven’t reached that stage yet in the schedule because we were still establishing the base line of my food tolerance. The fact that I kept deviating from my food plan was not helping.
I was disappointed to think that this one meal could have undone all the clean eating I’ve meticulously monitored for 2 weeks. This was certainly a lot more difficult than what I’ve envisioned and I felt like a failure. Disheartened, I realized my whole perspective of food was skewed- and so did PT.

“Main thing is you need to eat without feeling guilty, otherwise you develop an unhealthy relationship with food,” PT explained, “You shouldn’t feel you should exercise away a cheat meal…it’s okay.”

Since that fateful night, this message has set as a food mantra in my mind. Every time I make the conscious decision to enjoy a piece of cake or cookie I will do so with no regrets.

I must have had a pained look on my face because PT threw me an awkward look. “Well,” he begins slowly, “I’m done with the samples. Come take a look at your results”.
I winced and cautiously tipped toed towards the computer screen. He laughs. “You did well the last two weeks, the results show that you have consciously withheld your sugar consumption.”

Finally! Yay! All the restraint and careful meal planning the last 2 weeks have impacted my body in a positive way.

Grinning from ear to ear, PT proceed to put some sense into the jumble of numbers on the screen.

My target zones have all dropped in body fat and I’m in better shape than when I first started. The magic percentage number for this bio-sig? 13%, which is a 0.8% drop in overall body fat since the last test. That’s extremely lean and I am justifiably happy.

The focus for the next 2 weeks will now be to encourage my body to put on more muscle mass. I am getting more definition and after a weights session I can see a visible difference in muscle composition, however my stagnant 49kg weight and bio-sig results indicate that this is due to loss of body fat and not muscle gain.

Which brings me to the fun, sexy part of this eventful morning: PT is now introducing carbs back into my diet. OH SNAP, Christmas has come early and now I’m deliriously happy!

Basically, I need to eat more calories in order to gain muscle, however it’s not a licence to binge on chocolate cheese cake and ice cream (damn). I need to ensure that I hit all the right macros in a new meal plan, manipulating my consumption of protein, fats, and carbohydrates.

The plan is this: reach a high quota of protein and fats for 2 days, then the next 2 consecutive days will be high protein and high carb. Sounds complicated? It is and, being the maths-retard that I am, counting grams is not my forte. My one saving grace is going back to entering my food diary into the good ol’ Fitness Pal app to help me keep track of my macros.

There’s a renewed bounce in my step (must be the extra insulin injection from those dirty carbs) and I think I’ve finally reached my peace with food. Next bio-sig should be in another 2 weeks time, so until then, eat healthy, train smart and laugh at life! x


6 thoughts on “Baby Got Back

  1. I’m finding the reconditioning of habits harder than refusing the carbs, sugar, etc…it’s becoming more of a social experiment every day! Thank you for your support 🙂

  2. petit4chocolatier

    Hang in there! You are doing really good! Everyone finds days that they eat something that they shouldn’t!

  3. Life’s too short to be taken seriously and even though there were tears, I guess it’s seeing the light in everything that keeps you sane! Thank you for stopping by and hope I put a smile on your face too 🙂

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