This is the broccoli soup I made a couple of weeks ago and it’s the next best thing to slice bread. Since I can’t have bread, I’ve made this religiously to stave off my carb cravings. I add half a head of cauliflower to change it up slightly and a sprinkle of paprika and coriander to top it off. Enjoy and thank you for the original post 🙂

Health Without Sacrifice

Back in the day, my sister and I watched The Powerpuff Girls. Blossom was the leader, Bubbles was the cute one, and Buttercup was the tomboy. Looking back, I realize my parents must have hated that show. Not only did it make us run around, pretending to fly, but it also caused so much drama. Both my sister and I wanted to be Bubbles. Being bossy (a trait of Blossom, by the way) my sister always said that she was Bubbles because she was the oldest (Bubbles acted like a baby, by the way). My brother was more agreeable being that he was only 2. He was fine with being Buttercup (hey, at least he got to be the tomboy, right?).

So in one of the episodes, the girls had to fight a bunch of broccoli aliens (See? This wasn’t some random tangent I just went on). Now, the broccoli…

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