Cheating Dirty


Something surprising happened yesterday when I ate a brownie…

That’s right, you heard right. Brownie.
And not just any brownie, but the best home made chocolate cherry brownie.

Since these pieces of chocolate heaven hit my lips 6 months ago, all other chocolate brownies have not tasted the same.
I have been budgeting these babies into my eating plan for weeks. Thankfully, the beauty of being on a macro cycling eating plan is that I can work in “cheat” meals if needed, as long as it fits within my daily macro allowance.
Can you believe that it’s been over 2 weeks since my last piece of chocolate, 4 weeks since my last taste of ice cream and 5 weeks since my last slice of cake?

Extremely excited at the prospect of eating a dessert again, I grabbed a slice and proceeded to segment the square block into quarters so I can savor the taste slowly…

As I bit the brownie, the sugary coating of chocolate crumbled effortlessly into my mouth and the sweetness from the cherries melted into a fluffy creamy mess.

The first quarter went quickly as my brain and taste buds came alive, but something strange happened after the second quarter- I didn’t want to eat anymore!

There I was, half of brownie starring back at me and I didn’t want anymore. I’m not sure if it’s because I chose to drink a glass of water in between my rations but after the sugar sunk in I actually felt a little sickly.

That was it. Brownie craving gone…

It was extremely good while it lasted, but it was also a good reassurance to me that I don’t over-indulge with food normally, and what I want sometimes isn’t all that’s cracked up to be. My little dirty treat became a dessert epiphany!

Sadly, my talented office colleague who hand makes these amazing treats is moving onto other business ventures so this is the very last batch of legendary chocolate brownies.

I (not so secretly) hope she opens a factory because I’d definitely be her first customer, on high carb days of course 😉

I’ve been caught up in a vicious consumption cycle and have neglected my blog! But fear not, the latest installment to my training diary is here. Enjoy x 


Your thoughts (and candy donations) here

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