Orange Pop


Today you will all bear witness to my transformation from pasty-wonder to orange oompa loompa3 shades of orange

That’s right peeps- I, self declared hater of all things remotely “tanned”, am now sitting uncomfortably at my laptop covered in a fine layer of sticky sickly sweet medium brown solution and will be doing so for the next 6 to 8 hours while the damn thing sets!

This is my first tanning experience and I must say that I really know how to pop a cherry in style.!

Can you see the little brown sun spots?

Deciding to go for a natural organic spray tan at a “boutique” salon, little did I know that I had chosen a home business and it would involve me standing in a tent in the middle of someone’s backyard striking various poses in the buff.

Actually, I can’t lie…

As much as the  thought of getting uninvited spectators freaked me out I couldn’t remember the last time I was naked in public and, by mid-session, I was embracing the feeling of the breeze in between my exposed cheeks (and I was not farting, thank you very much).

That said, the ladies at Butter Bronze did an amazing job and the whole thing was over in just minutes.


Anyway, the whole reason I got orange isn’t to blend in with a field of rice workers- I’m doing it as a part of this fitness journey aka. vanity to see if those pesky muscles are big enough to show lines yet!

This better be worth it because it looks like I will be wrapped like a burrito in a sleeping bag tonight…

Cheers big ears,



4 thoughts on “Orange Pop

  1. aww thanks babes, last month has been intense- trainer has introduced a cardio circuit and amplifying the lactic acid burn everywhere lol you’re looking not too bad yourself missy, keep up the good work! 🙂

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