Brutal Squats to Kick Fat in the Ass


plates of death

Think you’ve got the legs of a fat-burning solid machine and lactic acid is your best friend?

Then try this exercise Rambo!

“Do 50 reps of these,” Trainer Ben says casually after a short demo on how to execute the motions. Okay, I thought, this looks stupidly uncomplicated and easy- it’s just bouncing up and down on the spot right?

Within my 4th rep my thighs are burning and I had lost all feeling in my calves and ankles.
After 10 reps I’m on the floor curled up in a ball of agony. These squats are insanely nasty and have earned a well-deserved place in my heart as the nemesis from hell.
What squats am I talking about? Well, let me demonstrate…

half squats(from left to right)
Position 1.
Elevating your heels, start in a low squat position holding your choice of weight above your shoulders in the center of your body.
Position 2.
Push up using your bum, only going half way up. Immediately go back to start position and repeat again without resting at the bottom.

Personally, I’d rather shove nails up my backside before I have to do this squat technique again, but if this is your cup of tea than squat away- you’ll get a massive total leg work out and build a rounder boot-eh in no time!

Forever yours in a standing salute (simply because I can’t physically sit down from the pain),



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