Tea Obsession


Tea by the NileIt’s been 5 months, 2 weeks, 5 days and 14 hours since my last skinny latte. My staple cup of liquid gold has been sorely missed!

A casualty to the strict meal plan devised by Trainer Ben, the “luxury of milk” was culled in line with the no diary policy within weeks of training commencing.

So, in light of the big void now present in my morning ritual, Ben suggested I could replace it with shots of espresso…providing it’s made from organic beans. Or, just drink tea.

And did I find a tea!

chai tea loveNormally, I stick to the good ol’ green tea options,  but then I rediscovered chai tea. Well, naked chai tea I guess, considering I’m not allowed to add milk or honey to it…

I’ve been drinking the stuff with a dash of almond milk (just so the black tea won’t stain my teeth) and a sprinkle of cinnamon on top.

True, it’s not a massive caffeine hit, but the black tea in chai is rich in antioxidants and the spices in chai have been used for thousands of years to promote general health and well-being, as well as to treat various ailments.

And, not to mention, cinnamon is has a regulatory effect on blood sugar levels and simultaneously increases insulin levels in the body. This balances the blood sugar levels within the body, preventing the increased storage of fat hence working like a fat loss aid (source: fitday.com)

Oh, and if you have the time and love for it, Sacred Spiral Yoga has a great little recipe to make your own chai tea.

Mmmm cheers to that!



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