Step Right Up!

me and baby

Love you bubby x

Okay, so I admit that my fiancé is pretty awesome…

Instead of the stock-standard flowers, chocolates blah blah etc, he’s saved me from a yawn-worthy Valentine’s Day by pulling another left field and surprising me with an epic 2 hour lesson at a trapeze school! What more can a girl ask for?cupid


Tentatively nervous as I hook into my safety harness


Weeeeeee swing swing on the tangles of my heart!

photo 3

Circus circus, I love the circus

Truly the best Valentine’s Day. EVER.

In fact, I’ll even revive the cupid I stabbed with his own bow and arrow earlier today. Ain’t life beautiful?

Love your little grumpy ice-queen xx


9 thoughts on “Step Right Up!

  1. Thanks everyone! Crazy adrenaline the first time you get up on the platform, but it’s pretty safe because you’re hooked in pretty well to 2 support ropes and a harness. Awesome fun though, would highly recommend 🙂

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