Office Thief


Oh my gosh call the police quick- someone in my office has has taken my fish and stolen my crockery, the nerve!

Missing crockery

Dear Colleagues,

I have been advised that a small crockery pot containing marinated fish (or octopus) has disapeared from the fridge.

Could you please let me know whether this has been thrown away? Although I understand the food was not yet off, our colleague is more concerned about getting the crockery back.

Can you help with this?

Best regards,



Poor Joseph had to send an unfortunate email blast on my behalf while I stood shaking in disbelief. Seriously, who would take fish and my cute little oval dish?!

fridgeWoosarrrr….no point crying over stolen kitchenware I guess…

I’ve now resorted to basics and bought myself a rim of extra strong aluminium foil to make baked fish parcels.

With a quick trip to the fish market and the smallest amount of prep time, I think I can safely claim that I’ve mastered the art of mini-oven cooking.

The best part about baking fish this way is that all the ingredients within the foil simmers and reduces, making a scrumptious extra flavorsome fish broth- I’m really enjoying how easy it actually is to cook fish!

My lunch today post-traumatic crockery thief incident:
Gurnard tails coated with chilli, coconut oil and garlic on a bed of bok choy, topped with Spanish onions, organic cherry tomatoes and finished with that beautiful broth.

photo Has anyone else ever experienced office thieves at work? Does leaving passive-aggressive notes on food items really work?

Til next time,


11 thoughts on “Office Thief

  1. Healthy Glow Nutrition

    My goodness you can have a mini-series about your ordeal and post it on YouTube 🙂 I’ll take the choc hot cross buns…yummm 🙂

  2. Thanks Eva- I have bribed them with a pack of delicious Double Choc hot cross buns today, so maybe the culprit might have a change of heart and stop being so vindictive towards my poor bowl lol

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