Ah pity da ‘roo


Follow-a-Mediterranean-Diet-to-Lose-Weight-and-Strengthen-Your-HealthJust concluded a 3 week stint on a “fisherman’s diet” and it looks like the Mediterranean servings of fresh seafood daily has done wonders to my health!

I passed my bi-annual workplace health check with flying colors:

Blood sugars, cholesterol and blood pressure all tested excellent (yay!) and I’ve been sooooo tempted to stick my results on the communal office fridge door to gloat to all the haters on my floor. Yea, who’s fit and healthy now, you wannabe protein shakers?

[I’m not normally a bitter old hag, honestly. Look at what the meanies in my office did to me!] 

In fact, I’ve done so well that my trainer threw in a cheat meal for me on Tuesday. Go as dirty as you want, he said, but you need to choose only one meal- don’t gorge down a pie and 15 cupcakes at once.

My weapon of choice?

Well, I really wanted pizza but given the short notice and trying to fit in both another cardio session and a posing class that night I decided to go for a good ol’ burger at my favorite joint, Grill’d. They make these awesome “gourmet” burgers and legendary herb salted fat chips- oh my gward I can drool just thinking about sinking my teeth into the juicy patty aurrrrghhhhh….


Full fat and that bread might as well had been a candy bar…YUM!

Being so close to my comp date (it’s less than 25 days away holy moly) I was quite surprised he’s decided to throw in some dirty now.

The logic behind the cheat meal is to shock my system from all the clean-eating and get a sugar rush of some sort. This is meant to spike metabolism and encourage the body to burn fat faster. Personally, I couldn’t quite feel the sugar rush but I did get mildly bloated and had a small dose of heart burn afterwards…now I understand why burgers are linked to heart attacks because I felt like I was having one afterwards! Okay, I exaggerate. But damn it was worth the full dose of carbs and fat.


Dinner with the Mad Hatter: taking full advantage of being off the fish diet. Can anyone say “Rump Steak”?

Now that’s all over, I sadly wave goodbye to my fishy friends and I’m back to shaken’ it up in the chicken coop and chasing ‘dem cows in greener pastures.


Oh, and full liberty to chase down, shoot and gnaw on Skippy. Move over shrimps, because I’m putting another Kangaroo steak on the ‘barbie.

Kangaroo is classified as a game meat and shares a similar texture and taste to beef.

Nutritionally, those smart scientists in their white lab coats say that ‘roo meat contains more iron, polyunsaturated fat, is virtually chemical-free and leaner than other red meats.

If that doesn’t convince you that consuming Skippy at the dinner table is good, then you’ll be glad to also know that it costs the Australian environment nothing to produce kangaroo meat as they’re farmed wild animals.

A meat that is lean, fresh and good for the environment? Tick, tick and tick!

To sum up another ball busting week, I’m going to illustrate through 3 images, because pictures paint a thousand words:

My funny life this week (from left to right): 1. Fighting with fatties at work; 2. Playing with big red balls at the gym; and 3. Starring at fake boobs while shopping for my XS stage bikini for the comp!

Here’s to the extra bounce in my step (pun intended for kangaroo or fake boobs),


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