Himalayan Chicken Salt


Who just had an epic fail of a morning today? *Raises hand*


I was absolutely ravenous after completing a 2 hour gym session on an empty stomach that I raced to the market and bought 2-quarts of roast chicken breast for breakfast.

That chook didn’t stand a chance.

I devoured the thing straight from the foil bag…with my bare hands…while walking on the street next to conservative coffee-wielding business folk…and I was still ripping it to shreds in the crowded lift on the way up to my floor…

I wonder, have I bent the social etiquette thing again with my food habits? Jeepers, I must have given the impression of an uneducated mainland China personality…mortifying but equally as amusing at the same time haha!

By the time I got to my desk, I had successfully dismembered one quart. It was starting to get a little bland, so I had a brilliant idea to whip out my brand new Himalayan crystal salt grinder to season the juicy meat. It started out fine- I’m sitting there with my oily hands, awkwardly grinding salt granules using my wrists to grip the cylinder.himalayan-salt-__27156.1328846541.1280.1280

Then it happens…

The top of the grinder gives out, falling straight into the bag and cascading a sea of pink salt crystals all over my beloved chicken bosom! Nooooooooooooo, over-salted chooka!

Attempting to salvage what I could, I started shoveling what I could back into the shaker, making an oily, salty pink mess.

The upside to this story? I’m now the proud owner of some Himalayan CHICKEN salt. Oh, and also the proud owner of a swollen stomach from smashing that chicken so quickly. First world problems…

s-grey-5I made the switch from normal table/sea salt to Himalayan and Celtic salts because I’ve heard of the extra minerals the later contains.

Apparently, the table variety does more harm than good due to the fact that they have been so refined and processed that they no longer contain the essential mineral and nutrients that the body needs. The same can be said to normal sea salt varieties.

Basically, think of sea and table salt as the “white sugar” of salts- empty and bad for your health. It’s worth the extra cost investing in some good quality salt and I’m hoping that the added minerals will help me stave off the night cramps I’ve been experiencing in my legs.

And with that, I am running out to forage for an organic avocado for some potassium to help counter the excessive salt I just consumed.


Lesson of life learnt today?

NEVER buy food when starving.

And ALWAYS check that the salt grinder cap is firmly screwed on.

I pass you my infinite wisdom for free, unless your intention is to make accidental chicken salt!



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