Exorcising the Demons


Despite the last traumatic 24 hours,

55591376620117668_UPdA1nFq_fI have consciously decided NOT TO sink deeper into a quick sand of shock, self-pity and general “why me?!” rantings.

Stop driving myself crazy replaying the incident and move forward, keeping unfaltering focus on the end-goal.

I can do this.


This post is dedicated to KICKING DOUBT IN THE BIG HAIRY BALL SACKS and showing Bad Luck that I can indeed face (albeit an orange, coconut-scented one) adversity with the strength, tenacity and kick-ass attitude that my momma taught me!

No more sad-face Skye, tomorrow is another day for growth and being thankful for living a beautiful life.

Good night all and keep smiling,


when-Im-sad-I-stop-being-sad-and-be-awesome-insteadDr Seuss quote poster blue

do-your-work-with-your-whole-heart-and-you-will-6when-you-want-to-succeed-as-bad-as-you-want-to tumblr_mf01swwcSH1qkfkxyo1_500 succeed


9 thoughts on “Exorcising the Demons

  1. Thank you Eva and the whole journey was worth it- don’t think it’s quite sunk in yet that chapter 1 is over, but that just means chapter 2 is going to begin soon 😉
    Keep smiling and have fun xxo

  2. Thank you so much Jon for your words of support- I was beaming from ear to ear on stage and soaked up the entire moment in front of my family and friends 🙂
    Have a great day Jon and thanks for dropping by for a look-see xxo

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