INBA Bikini Novice Rising Star Comp 2013

Photos courtesy of the proud fiancé – my first fitness/sports model competition!

I definitely felt like the smallest one on stage, but knowing my friends and family were in the audience cheering on gave me enough reason to smile, enjoy the moment and give it my all.


I placed 6th in Novice bikini and I couldn’t have been up against more stunning girls in the division!







Special thanks to my entire support family:

Benjamin Siong and Priscilla Burnett from Australian Strength Performance– thank you for teaching this cardio bunny how to dead lift; Jay Jay Mitchell from Line of Fire for sharing her posing wisdom and making me feel like a glamazon on comp day with her awesome make-up; my wonderful friends and family who came along on the night to cheer me on and (last but not least) Jon Lee. You’ve been there through my best and my very worse and I love you with all my heart for your patience and unyielding support.

My fellow blog-stalkers, you have no idea how fun it has been sharing my experiences leading up to this day with you all- I’ve had a blast documenting the high’s and low’s and I really do hope that you’ve learnt a thing or two about health and fitness along the way. My discovery is yours and I’m planning to keep this ball rolling onwards to bigger, better things- live life to the fullest, healthiest and remember to floss!

Love with all my heart,


quikio_pic youtube photo square


15 thoughts on “INBA Bikini Novice Rising Star Comp 2013

  1. Amazing Skye! Really looking forward to meeting you in person one day and hopefully i’ll be as ready as you to step on that stage 🙂 Keep training hard you gorgeous thing!

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