INBA Bikini Model Comp March 2013: The Day!


asian fitness model

The competition came and went by so fast that if it wasn’t for the bright orange stains on my bed linen, I would have sworn it was all a dream…
In fact, why stop at bed linen?

There’s enough dream tan stains all around the house that you’d be convinced that a whole horde of grotty hobo body builders squatted here for a week. Note to self: must invest in some toilet seat liners for next comp so that the throne remains WHITE- brown bum imprints are not attractive, especially for a landlord house inspection the next day!

As you can see, the March 16th INBA novice rising star has well, risen, and the results are in:

I came 6th place out of a line up of 10 girls
How do I feel about it?
Surprisingly good, actually!


I’ve always thought I’d be devastated because there has been so much sacrifice leading up to this point- the intense training sessions, missed family dinners, meticulously planning each meal, strange awkward social situations when waitstaff tell you too bugger off because they can’t cater for your gluten/sugar/carb/lactose free dietary requirements…

In fact, I am feeling even more excited and motivated to come back harder and stronger for the next competition- I love the fact that I didn’t nail it the first time round because clearly the other girls were in better form than me on the day and truly deserved to win.

bikini novice

For more photos of the competition, click on the image x

The experience I gained on that day was defining. I felt alive and proud of my own inner strength and that of my family and friends- this journey has been theirs as much as it has been mine, and I still can’t believe how blessed I am to have such amazingly supportive people surrounding my life.

Now that I’ve got more sugar coarsing through my veins and my brain is finally showing sign of life, I am determined to learn as much as I can and keep pushing forward.

Slap me on the ass and call me a Michelle Bridges-wannabe, but I want to use this to make a positive impact on a greater audience- empowering others to make informative decisions about their own health and well being and use this powerful vehicle to motivate and encourage. Is that dream too crazy? Watch this space!

In fact, I may even be crazy enough to go again once more this weekend, but watch this space 😉 lol

With love,

* Quick amusing facts *

First thing I ate comp day:
boiled chicken with boiled spinach…total fine dining…

First thing I ate after the comp:
handful of marsh mellows, a chocolate protein bar and the best Tim Tam. Ever. Again, total fine dining!

Least favorite thing about prep leading up to the comp:
the fish consumption…and the potassium salt yeeech….

Thing I will not forget the next time round:
Bikini bite! And an extra punnet of dream tan, because that shit ain’t on until you are darker than Django (and I clearly wasn’t because you can see from the photos I’m still orange and not dark brown lol)

youtube photo square quikio_pic skye lee asian fitness model


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