Not Quitting: Late Entry into ANB Fitness Mania Championships (and Placing!)


6 months
of intense dieting and training…

That’s how long it took me to get my butt toned, tight, trimmed and stage-worthy!


It was the Sunday afternoon after my debut INBA competition and Trainer Ben had just asked me the most ridiculous question:
Did I want to compete the following week in the ANB Fitness Mania Championships?

I laughed. Pffft what for? It’s a more challenging category and all the photos on the website indicate that they are looking for a tighter physique.


ANB Fitness Mania Championships – March 2013

I admit wholeheartedly that the anti-climatic result at my INBA Bikini Novice competition left me deflated (I placed 6th out of 10 girls, not bad but not terribly note-worthy either).

I felt proud to have reached this far into my fitness journey, but I still couldn’t shake the feeling that I could have done better-

I felt like I hadn’t justified the sacrifices made and it certainly didn’t feel like I was getting closer to achieving my big-picture ambition

That said though, who in any right mind would subject themselves to another week of intense dieting, water manipulation and carb depletion to go into another competition knowing that they had little to no chance of winning?


Plus, it was too late anyway- ANB was just 7 days away and I had spent most of Saturday and Sunday eating fat chips and chocolate cake. If I had abs previously they’ve now disappeared in a layer of gooey krispy kreme fat.

I left the conversation feeling indifferent about turning down the opportunity to compete again. I mean, I’d be nuts to sink more time, effort and money into this crazy dream right?

Well apparently, I AM nuts!

After a sleepless Sunday night, I got into the office the next day and launched into full blown stalker-mode: Target? Any INBA judge I could get my hands on. Mission? To obtain any constructive feedback on my performance and how I could do better.

Let me tell you that this was no easy task.

email stalkerTime and time again, I got blocked by out of service and voice mail messages. I left text messages, voice mail requests- even Facebooking them directly! I did this most of Monday to no avail. Frustrated to tears, I went home defeated and accepted that this was the fate I’ve been dealt and I should start enjoying my week off from training…with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s and a packet of tim tams…

And then it happened.

Someone from the judging panel had seen my (15th) message and was kind enough to shoot back her recommendation.

Her text response simply stated: “Your tan could have been darker and your hair could have been straighter. You need more practice on your posing.”

Sooooooo nothing to do with my physique?

I was bewildered, shocked but thrilled at the same time. Are you telling me that I could have done better than 6th with my current physique, if only I had polished my overall presentation?!

Vicki Arief posing spartans gym

You poser. Getting my strut on with Vicki Arief (aka. posing guru)

Vicki Arief posing coach INBA ANB

Vicki Arief: Extraordinary woman, thank you so much for your advice and telling it like it is.

That was it. This was an emergency. It was 11:30pm and a groggy Ben answered the phone. “Let’s do it,” I said with enough conviction to equal Dr Martin Luther King’s, “Get me comp ready.”

He was incredulous and surprised by my quick change of heart. What sparked the change of decision to enter into the ANB competition?

Because there is a glimmer of hope that I might place at this one. I don’t care how little that glimmer is, but if there is hope then I am going to do all within my power to make my own fate!

I felt Ben smile over the phone. “Then get some sleep now and I’ll see you at 6am tomorrow. We start training again and you’re back on fish.”

A mad scramble ensued over those remaining 6 days.
Not only did I have to keep training on the daily with Ben and go back on the vomit-inducing freshwater fish diet, I had to also:

  • Stalk, beg & steal time from a posing coach extraordinaire to relearn steps and techniques for the new show format
  • Get my spray tan layering all organised, this time increasing the number of layers so I look dark chocolate brown instead of mocha on stage!
  • Find a suitable elegant dress for the evening wear round at short notice
  • Find another pair of 6 inch stripper heels because the ones I ordered online were wayyyyyy too big
  • Organize someone to come out to do my hair and make up on the day

I’ve got to say that the registration process was the easiest part, so thank you to Maria at ANB Victoria for organizing yet another successful event.

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