Here’s the biggest piece of advice you will ever receive about what to expect (appetite wise) post-comp:

ghost busters marsh mellow man


Being so depleted coming out of the competition, the first thing I did was LOAD UP ON THE CARBS. But, 48 hours later, I was CRAVING for sugar like a rabid crack head. My appetite was disgustingly rampant and I needed a hit in any shape or form!
chicken parma

Chicken parma: Food pornography at its’ finest

Post-comp fine dining at its' best haha

Post-comp fine dining at its’ best haha

On Monday night I turned the whole house upside down, rummaging through all my kitchen drawers and shoving ever last morsel of cookie, marsh mellow, teddy biscuit into my gaping pie-hole. Nothing was spared- not even the stale anzac cookies from last year stood a chance.

I felt sick by the end of my rampage and sat on the kitchen floor whimpering.
What have I done?!

I had started that day determined to eat in moderation- protein shake with a scoop of oat bran in the morning, juicy prawn salad for lunch…

Then it went downhill.

I bought a chocolate hot cross bun and proceeded to demolish it with thick layers of melted peanut butter.

I then proceed to smash a protein bar at my desk before mindlessly shoving rice cakes into my mouth.

It gets dirtier.

After dinner, a delicious full fat chocolate cookie and half a packet of Tim Tams fell victim to my path of destruction.

The After-math: I hang my head in shame...

The After-math: I hang my head in shame…

candy drawer

Sweet temptations: I should have emptied this drawer a loooong time ago

Up to this point, I’ve NEVER craved sugar this badly before, and I have NEVER binged on sweets! I rolled into bed defeated, a broken bloated woman.

What a failure of a food day Skye…

I woke up Tuesday morning half expecting to see myself looking like Rosanne Barr but, thankfully, it looks like I escaped with another hall pass and my stomach hadn’t grown a six pack of beer belly overnight (thank you God!).

So yesterday, I gave myself a good punch in the head and exercised some will-power. And it worked. The sugar cravings are now subsiding and I’m remembering the techniques to keep the temptations away.

Here’s a couple of the little mantras I used to keep the clean eating in check and banish the destructive cycle of binge-eat and purging:

1. Thou shall have a goal

Working towards a larger picture goal will help you stay motivated and passing on that piece of chocolate would be more worthy of your will-power. This can be anything from a short-term goal (eg. I will lose x kilos before my Europe trip in August) or long-term (eg. I want to set a good example for my family to lead healthier, happier lifestyles). Identifying your “why” is the most powerful way to motivate and inspire yourself to achieve.

binging on food2. Thou shall exercise mental control

Replace thoughts of sugar with another one of your favorite foods – ie. If you are fantasizing about a chocolate hot cross bun, start thinking about how a juicy steak would be far more exciting and satisfying. When you think of the sugar, recall how sick you felt after a big binge session and how sluggish you were afterwards. Using the swap-it mentality allows you to do a comparison between an emotional empty calorie snack and a logical healthy one, assisting in positive association to the better option. It’s like playing a game with your mind to suss out whether you really want that slice of cake, or if it’s an emotional craving.

3. Thou shall purge all the trash within one’s domain

Best policy is to NOT buy trash food in the first place at the grocery store. Don’t have junk food laying around – throw out all temptation and don’t have any in line of sight: “Out of sight, out of mind” is so true! Replace the sweet stuff with healthy proteins- easy access to fresh chicken, prawns, eggs, etc. I haven’t brought myself to buying fruit just yet, but having some blueberries to curb sugar-cravings may be of thought. Obviously, at the moment I know I have limited self-control, so throwing out all the junk food at home has been the way to go for me. Trust me, I was sad to see the good ol’ Teddy Biscuits hitting the bottom of the trash bag.

4. Thou shall drink more H20

Drinking water or tea will not only help you stay hydrated, but it’ll also help you stay fuller for longer. I find that I eat more because I’m thirsty and too lazy to get myself some filtered water, but if I have easy access to my favorite cup of tea or have fresh filtered water on hand it keeps my hands and mind busy and I often forget about that Cherry Ripe bar I was obsessing about.

5. Thou shall stop and think

Do I really want to eat a pork bun with low quality, fatty protein and added sugars in the sauce? And do I really want to consume more soy protein and take in more unnecessary estrogen? Have I stayed on track enough to earn my carbs? If the answer is no, then walk away and have it “next time”. That pork bun will be there tomorrow, next week, next year. What’s the rush? Makes me think that we shouldn’t be using food to reward ourselves because we aren’t animals.

changing your mindset
Spending all my rent money on protein powder collection

Spending all my rent money on protein powder collection

Honestly I felt I got a second chance, a new lease on life this morning.

Feeling good about getting back on track and have rewarded myself by ordering more high quality protein powder haha 😉


What other things have you done to successfully stop a sugar craving? I would love to hear some of the things that have worked for you.

Stay healthy and remember, you are stronger than you think!





  1. Thanks for reading my blog Lindsay and any further details as to what muffins you indulged in? Haha, I’m glad I’m not the only one to succumb to the evil sugar rush post-comp, suppose that makes us all normal after all! xx

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