ANB Fitness Mania Sports Model Championships 2013

fitness mania 2013 female sports model
Photo credits to Flavio Bodrogi, Paul France Photos and Ross Brownsdon Photography.

photo_227601_20130327Competition number 2 after my debut, and only 6 days in between to prepare! I was determined to do better this time round- new approach to hair and make up as well as honing down on my posing skills.


I placed 3rd in Sports Model– It was the best moment ever seeing the surprised looks on my fiance and trainers faces when my number was announced.






skye lee

Special thanks to my entire support family:

Benjamin Siong and Priscilla Burnett from Australian Strength Performance– thanks once again for sharing this journey with me and pushing me to my limits; Vicki Arief from Spartan’s Gym for her patience and encouragement- I’d still look like a teapot on stage if it wasn’t for you.

My wonderful friends and family who have cheered me on throughout the last 6 months and of course, my darling fiancé Jon Lee- you get your baby back now, no more carb depletion for the week yay!

This bit doesn’t change- thank you blog-stalkers, I promise this blog is going to keep growing full steam ahead. I’ve got my sights set on another competition to happen mid-year, so I’ll definitely keep everyone posted when I’m firming up that decision.

Until then, hope you enjoyed the photos and there’s Easter hot cross buns to be feasted upon pronto 😉

Love with all my heart,


skye lee anb videoquikio_pic


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