Hot Cross Bunny: Easter’s Officially Over!

Thank goodness Easter only comes around once a yearfresh-food-hot-cross-buns-7558
…because those HOT CROSS BUNS are EVIL!
Responsible for the sugar-coated death of my abs, I admit that there were more than a few occasions where I indulged in these seemingly innocuous bakery treats over the Easter period.

gold bunny- lindt

Did you know that a single hot cross bun contains as much as 2o grams of sugar?

According to Calorie King , the average Coles hot cross bun packs a hefty 255 calories in one serving- that’s equivalent to a 150g piece of wild Atlantic salmon fillet (source Fitness Pal).

Obviously, everything screams that hot cross buns are full of crap and have hardly any nutritional value (even the dietary fiber is dismal) however I still managed to scoff at least a packet of these down during my “off training” last week.

crispy pork bun

Crispy Pork Heaven: I have been holding out for this Vietnamese pork roll for 6 months and it was worth every juicy piece of pig fat!

cadburyeggOh, and I also managed to drive down to my favorite Vietnamese bakery on Easter Friday and FINALLY got myself a famous $2 bread roll with crispy pork. Far out, it has been a naughty week of sugar and pâté haha!

But as with every good holiday, it must come to an end…
I had my first training session with Trainer Ben this morning.

Yes, I am all carbed up now. And yes, I got a little pudgy. Meh. The upside of eating carbs the entire week is that this little pudge-princess is feeling stronger than ever and managed to pump out sets today like no one’s business! WoOt, can anyone say “Bulk-Zone”?

2013 All Female Classic: Bring on contest no. 3! Preparation begins now until June 23.

2013 All Female Classic: Bring on contest no. 3- preparation begins now until June 23.

anb asia pacific 2013

2013 ANB Asia Pacific International Championships: The big event and I want in!

Ben toned down the training program today to concentrate on lunges, dead lifts and leg press. Apart from my spastic dead lifts, I felt good after today’s session and can’t wait for it to really kick into high gear again.

Once again I’m going to work towards 2 competitions. Both happening in June, it’s going to be another joyous circus however I’m glad to say that I feel a little more prepared for it this time round

First one happens at the beginning of June and may take some begging, borrowing and stealing so I can get the time off work to go interstate for it!

As for the food binge, it’s officially over- the Paleo pantry meal plans back on schedule as of today. It’s simple really, just means protein, protein and more protein. But no shakes. Sigh, I’m going to miss you Alkaline Extreme Protein…you are deserving as the world’s best tasting protein with your sexy naughty lemon cream pie flavor…

Until next time, I hope everyone fared better than me over Easter, but if you didn’t then no point feeling guilty- you know what you need to do and it doesn’t involve sitting on your toosh moaning about it 😉

Take care and stay safe,



5 thoughts on “Hot Cross Bunny: Easter’s Officially Over!

  1. You picked a good week to have an off week, I was lusting after hot cross buns all weekend! That’s exciting about the Asia Pacifics, I’m going – flights and everything booked! Hopefully you get time off work – I’ve heard it’s an amazing experience and the media/photo day is a great opportunity!

  2. So true about the rolls- but they are amazing and so worth it!
    Yeah, I’m not as fussy as your trainer haha. I like good rests as number one, good flavour, good texture, and of course the make up of carbs, protein, etc. so I’m definitely going to keep it in mind for next time.
    Don’t be sorry for a long reply haha, I really appreciate you taking the time to google it etc. thank you 🙂

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