Feature: Australian Strength Performance Training

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personal training melbourne central

My personal trainer Benjamin Siong and his team have featured me on the Australian Strength Performance (ASP) website as a “Success story”!

Ohhhh I got to looove my featured “before” photo haha…

I vaguely remember standing against the cold white wall for that shot too- it was 6am, the gym and my eyes were barely open and I had a bad case of bed hair. Lesson to be learnt? ALWAYS look your best (even when you are in the caterpillar stage of transformation), otherwise your progress photos will come back to haunt you! lol

I had to write up a testimonial…but it’s an unadulterated version.

You’d think I did it all with great dignity, courage and grace. However, you and I both know about the dirty orange stains on my white bed sheets and the even dirtier carb cravings as I hung on the edge of sanity during the last few weeks leading up to competition!

Thank you once again team ASP for the support and expertise so I could get my butt into shape and onto that stage- I can’t imagine coming this far without you guys and look forward to many more successful competition campaigns xxo

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7 thoughts on “Feature: Australian Strength Performance Training

  1. Healthy Glow Nutrition

    Hello Skye,

    Thanks for your response 🙂 I have changed my diet at the point of having BF measured. I have been trying to do a lower carb approach. Since nutrition is what I studied it is not difficult for me to make those changes physically but rather mentally. I was told I did/do too much cardio for my body type and should focus on weight training instead. Up my protein and up the weights. I have been pounding cardio like a maniac and it did zero to change my body composition. I lost lean muscle and remained soft (not the look I was working my ass for, trust me). I will work with a trainer to get into a routine of lifting properly and hopefully this will lead me in the right direction. You inspire me, so thank you for all your advice and info. xo Eva

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