Calm Before the Storm

anb tshirt skye lee

Shamelessly spruiking my prized ANB tee. If I close my eyes, almost feels like I’m part of an exclusive club hehe…

Does anyone else find that when things happen in life, it either happens all at once or it goes stone cold?

After a climatic March full of drama, competition milestones and a whole lot of glitter and bright lights, April has been pale in comparison to the circus that was once my life!

hot cross baby

Seriously, I’d STEAL from a baby for a taste of that sweet, sweet bun…gimme!!

With the exception of a disgustingly passionate love affair (and subsequent divorce) with hot cross buns, my existence has indeed taken a confusingly low-key approach and I’ve been doing more than my fair share of soul-searching.

The words “inspired” and “powerless”both spring to mind, conflicting feelings caused by my impatience for faster progress.

Why can’t I be one of those gifted beings that can bulk and shed miraculously at the drop of a hat?

It is what it is, and I accept that. Slow progress is still progress, and at least this time round I roughly know what to expect in this process leading up to comp.

skye lee legs

Pintrest: Got legs? Ben’s been smashing me on leg days and there’s not one session where I’m not crawling out of the gym in a blubbering heap! But it’s paying off…

abs skye lee soft

Kick in the stomach: c’mon abs, damn you! Start coming out already grrr…they’re getting there slowly…lol

The exercises in my program are making more sense and I’m more conscious of the muscles to engage, rather than just pumping out sets. Apparently, the more you feel and picture the muscle you are working, the more stimulation it gets and wa-la, muscles! The brain is an amazing thing, isn’t it?

The food has also been quite an interesting learning curve too- looks like the protein shakes and high calorie intake has helped me achieve visible muscle gain (yay!).

Ben has asked me to record and send him my meals over the past few weeks to help him match up the results with my bio-sig later this week…he had specifically told me no protein shakes or rubbish bars since post-Easter and I haven’t listened, so looks like my dirty little secret will be revealed soon!

Since coming off my cheat week right after the March comps my metabolism has felt like it’s running on overdrive.

chocolate protein barI’ve found it so hard to curb the 3pm slumps at work and had to slowly wean myself off sugar once again. First I turned to supermarket protein bars and shakes. I’d go out for a ritualistic “window shop” in the afternoon and come back munching on a protein bar (or two). Then I tried to fill the void with protein shakes (ones that didn’t have sugar alcohols or added artificial fillers) but I’d get hungry again after an hour or so and would experience food jitters until dinner.

skye lee at buffet

Sacrifices aren’t easy: saying no to a massive buffet section at the newly renovated Conservatory restaurant? Not cool man, not cool.

My last protein bar was 3 weeks ago and my last protein shake was a bit after that. I’m not missing the protein bars as much- they didn’t taste that good anyway and I’ve managed to replace them with a small handful of organic nuts or blueberries. The protein shakes on the other hand, have been harder tocrack- I’m totally addicted to this brand which only uses Stevia as a sweetener and the flavors are awesome: chocolate peanut butter, cinnamon roll, even lemon cream pie! I’ve sadly parked my containers until Ben says so…I’m hoping this bio-sig will show that I can tolerate dairy and I can have the shakes again. It’s a long shot, but a girl can only hope, right?

brain-exercise-thmbSo there it is. The food bank strings are slowly tightening as D-Day edges closer but I’m enjoying this journey a lot more and know what to expect from my body.
Sure, there may be a few dummy spitting episodes involving cheese cake along the way but, just like any other muscle, will power needs to be exercised and the more you apply it, the more stronger it gets.

P.S. Man, you know how frustrating it’s been been trying to blog when your internet connection is fail?! Hope this explains my silence the last few days…couple that with me switching from iPhone to Android recently and you’ve got a technological train wreck. Ugh…only gets better from here I suppose!

Have fun with cake for me & until next time,



2 thoughts on “Calm Before the Storm

  1. There’s nothing wrong with them as such, but not all bars are created equal and there’s different grades and quality proteins out there. I did a summary on protein bars and what to look out for when you buy one here:
    The rule of thumb is that protein bars/shakes are good convenient supplements if you are time poor, but nothing will trump real food for satisfaction and after-burn effect. Hope this helps 🙂

  2. I feel the same with my modelling gig… slow progress and I get so annoyed. I have a question about shakes and bars. For a normal situation like I’m just gyming to keep toned and fit, is it okay to have a shake and a bar after? whats wrong with them? I also tend to snack on mini protein bars instead of chocolate or when I get hungry between meals and I’m not home. Is that okay?

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