Fitspiration: Vincent’s Weight Loss Journey

I’m extremely honored to introduce Vincent Chen, my good friend and fitspiration idol.
Late 2012, Vincent made a commitment to step outside his comfort zone and work towards a fitter lifestyle. In 12-weeks, he regained his confidence and tenacity for life.
Vincent Chen 12wbt michelle bridges fitspiration body transformation eat clean

He may be half the man he once was, but he’s regained his whole life.
From left: Startng at 86kg’s, Vincent is now a fit & toned 72.5 kg’s and staying that way!

But the most amazing part?
The first 3 months of this transformation were done by simply following the 12WBT Michelle Bridges’ team put together, without setting foot in a gym!
So what are you waiting for? No excuses, just START MOVING and the rest will fall into place!


Vincent telling it like it is…


Getting healthier was more of a wake-up call that turned into an aspiration.

Back in 2012, life wasn’t exactly what I expected. For a couple of years I stopped being active and indulged in self-sabotaging diet choices. As a result, I suffered from depression and was diagnosed with a fatty liver that could turn into cancer if a radical lifestyle change did not occur.
So there I was, staring at my blood test result and report from my GP. I thought to myself, ‘Work is going to continue to have challenges and there is only so much I can do. I only have one life to live; the cost of opportunity is way too great.’
It was that one change of thought that sparked the whole spin of my fitness journey. I never looked back since.

I committed myself to complete Michelle Bridges’ 12-week Body Transformation (12WBT)

12wbt michelle bridgesI stuck to the plan the best I could, but there were definitely challenges in the form of Christmas celebrations and a planned overseas holiday sitting right in the middle of the program!

Not only did it keep me motivated, but it also helped me:

    Having a family and mortgage, the cost for gym memberships, dietician and workout plans would have been too expensive if done the conventional way. The 12WBT was $200 and provided me with 5 months of invaluable guidance.
    As I was never a gym person and my self esteem at the time was at an all-time low, I was particularly intimidated by the thought of exposing myself at the gym. The program allowed me to choose the location I wanted to work out (where I chose home and outdoors)- this was crucial for me to focus on my regime without having to go, ‘Damn, look at my fat body! People must be laughing at me behind my back.’ Also with so many others going through the 12WBT program I got to connect with like-minded individuals for additional emotional support.
    The 12WBT allowed me to choose the workout program I wanted to follow based on my starting fitness level and what I wanted to achieve at the end of the 12 week period. Therefore, to an extent I was given the flexibility of my workout regime.
    Throughout the 12 weeks, daily recipes and guidelines for healthy snacks and drinks were provided, so I never needed to worry about what to eat to keep the balance between nutrition and weight management.
    One of the biggest benefits through my journey so far was the education and knowledge obtained. Through the program I learnt to be honest with myself, set challenging but realistic goals and implement plans to achieve them. I learnt how to monitor my progress each day / week / month and review my results with full accountability (not blaming myself or others). I learnt how to make conscious dietary choices, how to cook healthy meals and how to exercise my muscles, including my willpower muscle!


My three tips to give to others to start getting fitter are:
1. Have the honest conversation with oneself and find that burning desire within you to be a better self. Until one finds this burning desire from within there is not going to be any force strong enough to keep one going.Fat_person_Skinny_person breaking the mould
2. Don’t wait for the “motivation” to come before you swing into action. Just freakin’ DO IT!!
3. Every baby step is a step forward.
Generally, I don’t limit myself towards specific workouts because they are all beneficial to my overall health and fitness.

I love my social badminton and hitting the interval running when I need a cardio fix. For toning and strengthening, nothing beats chin-ups, L sits, hand & shoulder stands, parallette bar swings and shoot-throughs. I also do bikram yoga and pilates to keep my flexibility up while getting some toning done!

vincent chen 12wbt michelle bridges transformation eat clean

May 2013: fitter and stronger than ever.

I am now a firm believer of balance and moderation when it comes to my food intake.

We are all human and the occasional cheat meal serves such a psychological benefit. I make conscious meal selections everyday, whether they are home cooked or catered, and balance them with snacking selections to ensure balanced daily food intake.

Here’s an example meal plan I use to give you an idea of healthier choices:

üBreakfast – Low G.I. carbs and protein. Banana, Weet Bix and nut smoothie is normally my breakfast. One or two days a week I will have lean bacon and eggs with 1 – 2 pieces of multigrain toast.
üLunch – Protein and fibre and weather dependent (hot dishes in winter and cold in summer). Chicken Caesar salad, sushi / sashimi, penny with mushroom sauce or pho (Vietnamese rice vermicelli soup) are my choices lately.
üDinner – Minimal or no carbs but fibrous greens for maximum fiber intake. I like my green curry white flake stir fry with salad. Sometimes I would just go with salad if I had too much for lunch.

I try to limit my snacking throughout the day.

I sit a lot during the day in an office and don’t get many opportunities to move around, so I tend to avoid snacking. I try to keep my water intake high during the day- it’s a great way to find out whether I’m actually hungry or just thirsty!

If I do snack though, my treats of choice are:
üMorning – My morning snack normally is just a cup of latte (I don’t buy in to skinny products so all my milk selection either for breakfast or coffee has been full cream).
üAfternoon – A piece of fruit like an apple, pear or orange (or another cup of latte if I’m feeling extra indulgent).
üEvening – Yogurt with some nuts and sultanas.

I’m determined to keep learning and growing.
magic push outside your comfort zone fitspiration

Right now I am studying Certificates III and IV in fitness to enhance my knowledge and once completed I look forward to becoming a personal trainer and help more embark on their fitness journey towards success!

I would love to thank everyone who has supported me and joined my journey. Everyone has encouraged me greatly along the way and commended my progress. Some have unconditionally shown me how to go further and where. I’d also like to thank some who made me stronger mentally and gave me the opportunity to learn to block those negative energies and move forward. Thank you Skye for your support- fitness is a life-long journey and I know I will keep setting and smashing goals.

Well done Vincent and can’t wait to see what’s in store with your new found fitness career.


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