Sunshine Award


This bright sunflower sums up how I feel about being nominated for this award~


Thank you lovely Alison @ The Fit Chronicles for thinking of me and I’m thankful for the support as I plod along on this health journey.

To answer your curly questions, I’ve done the smart thing and written down the first things that enter my head so you know that these answers are the honest ones 🙂

1. What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

I suppose I’m not really a risk taker- I believe in calculated risk and tend to think before leaping. Pretty boring, aye? lol

2. What is your favorite food or meal?

I love love love pan grilled crispy-skinned Atlantic salmon with steamed vegetables. It’s a good thing too because not only is it amazingly healthy and belly-fat friendly, it got a tick of approval from my trainer!

3. What is your favorite city you’ve been to?

I loved the glitz and craziness of LAX- I’ve been hanging out for another opportunity to visit the good ol’ US of A and fortunately this year I’ll be able to live that dream (finally!). Can’t wait to see Mickey and hang out with Elvis once again 🙂

4. What is your favorite color?

A strong aqua blue. I find it soothing and pretty without being too feminine.

5. What is your favorite workout?

I have a love hate relationship with the leg press machine in my gym and have been known to make embarrassingly loud birthing moans while completing sets. Far out, talk about a torture device…

6. What book would you recommend to others?

Total Recall by the Governator himself. I total hack for bodybuilding reads, my fiancé and I cheated and bought the audio instead of reading it lol

I’d love to pay it forward and nominate the following blogs for the Sunshine Award, an honor given to those “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”:

Monsterz Elite Fitness
Deb Dutcher: Energy Unlimited Coach
Healthy Glow Nutrition
It’s Better Blonde

Here are the questions I’d love for my nominated bloggers to answer:

1. What’s your favorite childhood memory?

2. Who would you like to meet and why?

3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

4. What would be your ideal getaway?

5. What is your favorite workout?

6. What is your all time favorite movie for a lazy Saturday night in?

Now go answer those questions and pay it forward the blogosphere way!
Keep smiling,


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