Am I being Discriminated Against?


Do you find fish really that offensive?


It’s becoming a joke and I know I should just ignore it, but the catty remarks from my office colleagues are starting to chip away at my annoyance.

To my disappointment, my attempt to woo the office wenches with hot cross buns has not gotten them to accept that I have the right to heat and eat what ever food I want in the communal office kitchen!

They’re being so childish and I am quite ashamed that they have resorted to bullying tactics to discourage me from reheating my meals- not just my fish meals, but ANY food I bring into the office.

The same lady that always passes snide remarks at earshot has given me the same dirty look, regardless of what I’ve brought in.

How is this different from them reheating creamy pasta bakes or crusting the toaster over with cheesy toasties?!

What if I was allergic to dairy or nuts? Could I then request EVERYONE on the floor to refrain from ordering and drinking milk and using peanut butter?

Ugh…anyway, just a rant because I’ve had it today.


RIP old friend: they nasty witches on my floor have taken away the useful mini-oven in hope that I would stop reheating my home-cooked meals.

That picture above was the last meal at my desk- I reheated a snapper foil parcel, stuffed with lime leaves, ginger, garlic, coconut oil and chili. It smelt like delicious Thai curry if you ask me.

Oh, and I’ve had to resort to reheating my foil parcels now in the sandwhich press because the wenches have disposed of the beloved communal mini-oven that used to sit next to the mircrowave. See? Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Besides, maybe this gives me enough cause to get work to let me work from home next week, seeing I’ll be on a continuous fish diet until my competition next Saturday. What do you think- stress-related illness caused by office discrimination to my dietary requirements? Sounds extremely plausible!

Living on the edge of sanity,




10 thoughts on “Am I being Discriminated Against?

  1. I’m using the sandwhich press to heat up fish because the last time I went on a cold-fish eating spree I literally turned white and felt like puking after day 3 lol Thanks for the tip Paige and will minimize re-heating where possible! Btw, post comp bikini body or not, you still look stunning xxo keep smiling girl

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