Speak Easy


What ever happened to conversation?

skye and jonny

On Sunday night, Jon and I were knackered mentally and physically after an eventful day of Mother’s Day visits coupled with hours commuting in the car.

Both our mobile phones were dry, and the effort required to fish them out from the depths of my handbag proved too arduous. The television remote was also out of reach, sitting a meter too far away from where we both had collapsed in exhaustion at the kitchen table.


At first, we both sat there expressionless, dumbfounded by the calming silence and serenity.
Then something amazing happened: we started to TALK

The conversation flowed freely without hesitation, interruption or awkward pauses. It was nonsensical, light-hearted; but it was face to face and refreshingly honest.

We shared tales from our day, private thoughts that have played in our minds and topics ran into detailed philosophical tangents at the drop of a hat. I couldn’t remember the last time we had sat down sans-mobile and really engaged. Suddenly, I was reminded of the thoughtful, kooky human being in front of me as we both laughed and chatted the night away.

beauty in simplicityWhat a simplistic, beautiful way to spend quality time with a best friend- something we unfortunately don’t get to experience so often in our busy lives full of ringtones, text vibrations and Facebook alerts.

And this leads me to my message of the week:

Go on and rediscover the simple things in life. Make time to switch off from the world and surprise yourself!

Appreciate the company before you and actively make quality time for your loved ones, because time is only a concept and we don’t have as much of it as we think we do…

the simple life is beautiful

Finding my inner zen and wishing everyone a happy week,



2 thoughts on “Speak Easy

  1. I can relate to the feeling of needing to be connected 24/7, but somethings can wait and it’s figuring out what’s really deserves 100 per cent of your attention and energy. Hope you get a chance to put your feet up and enjoy a break from your busy schedule Deb. Keep smiling and thanks for dropping by as always xxo

  2. Totally sweet, Skye. What a great observation. Many times I just leave my cell-phone at home in order to have a quality time with someone. Of course, I worry about what is not getting handled…..Too many deadlines in this hurry, hurry world!

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