Clean Eating to Better Skin


eat clean diet

One thing I have noticed since cleaning up my eating habits is that I can’t remember the last time I had any unsightly break-outs
At the risk of sounding like a kitchy Proactiv ad I swear that, after parting ways with that freaky clown and bearded Southern Texan chicken man, my regular health issues have gone MIA too!

skye lee stop wishing start doing fitness motivation

I know the term “clean eating” has been thrown around quite a bit, but it’s actually not a revolutionary concept and I’m sure that our monkey ancestors lived by these ingenious mantras when we were all struggling with facial hair and getting our daily HIIT training through escaping death by Tyrannosaurus Rex…

[Source: THE EAT-CLEAN DIET: Fast Fat Loss that Lasts Forever! By Tosca Reno]


Basically, it’s as simple as choosing to eat whole, unrefined foods just as nature intended: fruits, vegetables, “whole” meats (ie. avoid ground meats or ahem, bacon), and whole grains. No preservatives or fake plastic fantastic food. Easy, right?

This isn’t a crash diet or a starvation exercise, it’s a lifestyle change that will benefit your body inside and out.

Happy noshing and ooga booga ooga (translation: stay healthy!)



2 thoughts on “Clean Eating to Better Skin

  1. You are so right Sky! I slacked post-competition on eating clean and my skin went CRAZY. I’m back to eating clean as of yesterday and my skin already is much better. (I even bought cherries after reading this!)

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