I’m Natural Yo! (Behind the Scene – Naturalmania 2013)


Another competition completed, another count down reset…for 15 days time!

skye lee anb naturalmania 2013 open bikiniGreetings guys and dolls,

Yep, I’m crazy enough to do back-to-back competitions again and I have booked a permanent VIP seat in the raggedy training wagon…

contest color bodybuilder tan skye lee

Coconut Princess: 48 hours prior to comp and 2 coats of Contest Colour later…

Ben has hinted that the next stretch is going to be brutal. I say bring it on.

Maybe it’s the reloaded glycogen levels in my body, or perhaps it’s the deep-fried potato fries effecting my thought processes (I relished my small window of carb-portunity last night) but I’m ready to take on “brutal”.

I hope he turns up tomorrow morning with metal chains and a few bricks. Hot. Haha 😉

skye lee anb open bikini model

Morning of the comp: Can you see the subtle water baby hiding in my mid section? lol

Gracefully organised by the passionate Maria McCarter and her talented crew, Naturalmania was another momentous event for ANB Victoria and I’m so proud to compete for such a well-structured federation.

The time came again for me to ritualistically don my best drag impersonation, skyscraper plastic heels and strut my tail feather for a chance to hopefully nab a title at another show…

First things first though, the judging criteria changed slightly for this event: the federation firmed up the fitness category and stated that they were after girls with clearly defined abs (which I unfortunately do not possess)! It probably worked out for the best in my case anyway, because this campaign was definitely a lot more relaxed than the previous one and I had heaps more fun prepping it up backstage.

skye lee anb fitness bikini naturalmania open

skye lee bikini open model anb

The Mandatory Mug Shot: This time round, I opted to go a little more natural and have my hair straighter. Worked out good, huh?

The only thing I did differently this time round was defy the words of wisdom from Ben and skipped out on the spray tan pre-Contest Colour. Uh huh. Bright idea there. (I’ll write up more about his rant in a separate post, or I’ll be here forever explaining the technicality of how many layers of orange you can possibly slather on).

So, how did I go?

personal trainer bodybuilding competition

Let’s just say that all the blood, sweat and SCATTERED brain-syndrome was worth it in the end- I came 2nd in the Bikini open division!

Still waiting for the official shots to come online, but I managed to get my hot little hands on a couple of low-res shots hehe (thanks Paul France)…

skye lee fitness bikini model open naturalmania 2013

Sports Wear Round: Cheesy cheesy Japanesee ^^

skye lee sports fitness model anb naturalmania

I’m Natural ‘Yo!: Pew pew!

Again, I can’t thank my family and friends enough for all their love and support while I went through the hard yards

I’ve always described the process like “slamming fingers in car doors for fun”, but the reward at the end of the grueling training and dieting is truly worth it and it’s made me stronger physically and mentally. Plus, the nutritional knowledge I’ve gained through Ben has been extraordinarily invaluable and sharing the information with anyone who would listen has been extremely rewarding 🙂

I’ve been in the shower three times today and have officially given up trying to rid the radioactive twilight sparkle off my backside…looks like oompa loompa is here to stay for another week and the sheets are destined to stay a nice burnt umber color until the next comp.

One competition down, one more to go!



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  1. Hehe I’ll be writing more in my hotel room next weekend I reckon…until then, I’m meant to be practicing my 90 second routine eeek! Thanks for reading once again xxo

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