ANB Natural Mania Championships 2013

malaysian fitness model
skye lee open bikini model 2nd place
Competition number 3 for the year and towards the end I was getting a little fed up with feeling like I was leading an extremely abnormal lifestyle!

8 months of intensive training with no time to dwindle in between, the aim was to get my mid-section harder from March to May…unfortunately, the abdominal Gods didn’t shine on me and the belleh didn’t get lean enough grrr lol
Had a blast struttin’ it out in open bikini instead 😉


2nd place, booyea! The trophy grew a little bigger from last time, maybe next time it’ll be taller than me? Hehe…ooh, if you haven’t checked it out already, my behind the scenes write up of the day is here.

anb vic naturalmania may 2013


photo_230948_20130527 photo_230949_20130527 photo_230950_20130527 photo_230951_20130527 photo_230951_20130527_collage photo_230953_20130527

anb vic naturalmania may 2013

Special thanks to my entire support family:

Coach Benjamin Siong from Australian Strength Performance– damn boy, I swear that you have the golden touch (literally) for slathering dream tan solution! Thanks for prepping me and making me feel like I’ve rolled around in orange dorritos on comp day 🙂

Now, I know I didn’t really give an out for my friends and family to NOT come this time round, so thank you so much for making the effort to come down and watch me walk in stripper heels and drag makeup.

Darling fiancé Jon Lee, not much longer now before I get to experiment with carbs again, wouldn’t that be fun for conversation, hey? Hehe love ya guts you big glutz…can’t wait until I’m strong enough to spot you back 😉

Last but not least, thank you EVERYONE who has faithfully followed my journey and given me so much support and encouragement. This ride is far from over and I’m not stopping until I’m hugging Obi Obadike in my cover photo on my Facebook page muahaha xx

Until then, Live, Love and Lift!
skye sig

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