Creamy Vanilla Cashew Chai Tea


loving earth chai tea

Winter has well and truly arrived in Melbourne and I’m wishing that I had brought a blankie to work today so I could snuggle at my desk

And while I still in wishing-mode, I wish the magic Chai fairy would go to the kitchen for me too and make me one of these creamy vanilla cashew chai teas! Ugh if only I could lick the computer screen…

Creamy Vanilla Cashew Chai
(recipe is straight from Loving Earth)


1. Nut milk
2. Chai spices (Cinnamon, vanilla sticks) or tea bag, or both!
3. Vanilla powder
4. Tablespoon of Coconut Cashew Cream


1. Gently heat some nut milk on a stove top
2. Add in you chai spices or tea bag
3. When it has warmed add some Vanilla Powder and a tablespoon of your Coconut Cashew Cream
4. Stir until dissolved and your milk is nice and warm Enjoy!!

Can anyone say yum?



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