You are what you eat. List of must have organic foods and what does your label really mean?



Did you know that a typical stalk of celery from the supermarket tested positive for over 57 different pesticides?

In a report released by the not-for-profit Environmental Working Group, celery alongside bell peppers and apples fall in the list of top three highest in chemical residue.
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Article from Dual Fit . Com

When it comes to feeding your body, bodybuilders in particular, you want to feed it with the best possible ingredients to achieve the best physique possible.

Bodybuilders typically eat a clean, healthy diet rich in lean proteins and vegetables. When shopping for groceries, it is important to make a list of a few foods that any bodybuilder, or person, should buy organic. Organic foods have become all the rage lately and for good reason. What makes a food organic? What foods should I buy organic? Read along to find out!


Basically, organic foods are those that do not contain any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), or ionizing radiation. Non organic foods do contain all of this junk! The USDA, United States Department of Agriculture, has come up with the definition of organic

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