90 Seconds of Pure Cheese!

anb asia pacific open model 2013 skye lee

ANB Asia Pacific International Championships 2013

Open Model (shortie) 90 second routine


SKYE-SAN LEE aka. K-pop wannabe

youtube anb asia pacific international 2013 gold coast

Promise not to laugh, but this is not a bad effort from someone who can’t manage basic salsa movements! lol

skye leeI wanted to choose something easy to bop to and it took me a fair few days to come up with a tune that I could muck around to on stage. 

It was never my intention to go into the Open category because I was TERRIFIED of having to prepare for a “self expression” round, but when it was apparent I wasn’t coming in hard enough or had the muscle mass to go in with the sports/fitness girls, I sucked it up and step out of my comfort zone and learnt to dance. Or, at least, move to a beat!

With less than 10 days to practice, I basically took every opportunity to bust out my moves- in the lounge room, at the gym, even on the street the day before the competition (mum thought I was nuts haha).

cher lloyd i want you back video clip

I chose Cher Lloyd’s song “I want you back” to play with the “UH’S” and strike muscle poses to lighten things up. It worked (thankfully!)

The outfit, on the other hand, was a NIGHTMARE to organize. I had originally thought of going with a tennis outfit, but when Ben saw it he said go find a shorter tennis skirt. I ended up scouting every single sporting goods store in the Gold Coast looking for it. Finally, on the day before comp, one surfaced at a warehouse outlet center…ironically, it’s a kid’s size.

Enough squawk from me, I’m still catching up on tons of work and writing up the whole epic weekend but this will keep you entertained until I get enough time to scratch my tanned behind 😉

Stay healthy, go forth and conquer xx




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