2013 ANB Asia Pacific International Baby!


I love my life and how it chooses to define my relationship

skye lee open model short class 2013

anb asia pacific international 2013 skye lee

Jon and I: couldn’t have asked for a more professional tanning boy for the day. Thanks bubby xx

Nothing screams true love more than being backstage together with my fiancé at one of the biggest fitness competitions in the Australian calendar.

My nominated default “helper”, the poor boy faced the eye of the storm like a true champion taking each tantrum, panic attack and wardrobe malfunction in his stride.

And, by God, did he shine that day with his hidden talent for mutli-tasking!

resistance ropeWith hands murky from layers of dream tan solution, he managed to grapple at the strings of my bikini to dead-knot the suckers into anti-boobgate mode while wearing a TRX resistance rope around his neck so that I could go to work on my overhead triceps extensions. It was beautiful. As I tugged on the rubber cord, it was like we were connected as one in the most bizarre Monday mornings of my life ever.

anb asia pacific international 2013

It was the last 5 minutes of prep time before I was due on stage at the ANB Asia Pacific Championships. Held on the Gold Coast, I had been training more than 8 months for this event and it suddenly dawned that all that separated me from the judges now is a velvet black curtain.

I was nervous to the point of hyperventilating: seriously, I would have never imagined that preparing for a competition interstate was so daunting the first time!

Finding out where to stay, where to source food, who to do my hair and makeup, and tan- how do I make sure my tan is perfect when my tan-boy trainer Ben was MIA?!

All obstacles aside, it took some trial and error (and enough tears to fill a protein shaker) but I got there in the end. Bronzed, dolled up to the nine’s and donned in a sequinned red bikini full of bling-bling action, you would never have guessed that 72 hours prior I was a bloated nightmare(cons of travelling by plane ugh) and frantically scrambling up and down the coast looking for the final piece to my “self-expression” routine costume.

90secs anb asia pacific international 2013

My open model short class category was first off the block, so by lunch time our rounds were all done. Some of the other girls were also entered into the fitness categories and did a mad dash to the next session, however I wasn’t needed back until trophy presentation at 6pm so I ran out of there and straight into my favourite burger outlet for a MASSIVE carb refeed- OH MY GOD it was MAGIC.

nom nom nom

In between gulps of bread, patty and fat chips I messaged an anxious Trainer Ben with progress updates
His only feedback? Don’t get too bloated for the presentation. Errr, one fat burger and a whole bucket of chips later? Ha, too late hun! lol

skye lee anb asia pacific international 2013

The highlight of the event for me was getting the opportunity to compete with the best from Australia and being on the same stage with some of these girls was surreal.

I remember being completely intimidated walking into my make up session that morning- arriving at the studio with my mum for moral support, I was greeted by a lounge full of stunning blonde competitors, all dressed in silk kimonos and progressively looking more glamorous with each transforming brush stroke.

In fact, that probably set the tone for the day because EVERY female competitor was simply gorgeous!

skye lee 2nd open model short anb asia pacific 2013

The beautiful Shai, fellow open model stunner x

The beautiful Shai, fellow open model stunner x

Achieving 2nd in the Open Model short category was incredibly humbling and has reignited my passion to keep pushing and working my butt off for the next competition season in October.

I had an incredible time at the Gold Coast and was fortunate enough to meet some incredibly down to earth and inspirational people along the way.

I just came off my one week break and today was my first day back in the gym- straight into legs day and loving it! Looking forward to a revamped program for the next few weeks and the introduction of carb cycling to get my food back to semi-normal. Far out, I’ve never been so excited about sweet potato and brown rice in my entire life…

Thank you once again blog-stalkers for joining me on this journey: 3 months until October to stack on a whole lot of muscle and attack my growing recipe collection, so hang on for the ride as I do it all over again- this time with a little more ass 😉

Oh, and some shameless pleading below:

I’ve put an entry in for the 2014 Mass Nutrition Health & Fitness Calendar Search but I need public votes to qualify. Help a girl get some exposure so that she can hopefully keep going on this fitness journey without resorting to waitressing in a roadside diner?

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Appreciate the extra mouse clicks xxx
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