Nuts, what’s the suggested serving size?


Now I know why those experts in white lab coats keep saying pistachios are the ultimate diet food to fill you up at minimal calories

skye lee nuts

Nuts about nuts: how do they keep all those micronesan good stuff in such a tiny package?!

Did you know that the suggested serving size of 30 grams (or around 1 ounce) means that you can eat up to 49 nuts for a total of only 170 calories?!
What’s more, they’re low GI and pack a healthy dosage of monounsaturated fat, protein and thiamine (Vitamin B1)- helping the the body metabolize carbohydrates.
Not all nuts are created equal, so check out the below fact image to see how many nuts make the suggested serving size.

30g serving of nuts serving size facts

Happy munching y’all,



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