Resisting resistance training


Post ANB Asia Pacific International Comp,

no exercise

I agreed reluctantly to refrain from ANY form of exercise for a week.

Except for walking and sex.

Let’s just say that, as a result of this prescribed anti-exercise madness, I made my fiance walk everywhere on our trip to Sydney over the weekend- we clocked close to 20kms over 12 hours and we literally trekked until my feet bled lol
skye lee post competition carb refeed

Post comp carb refeed at Moo Moo Broadbeach…best wagyu steak EVER!

walking from darling harbor

The Thin Blue Line: The road less travelled…on foot…lol

The break from gym-time was meant to be for recovery space mentally and physically before trainer Ben mapped out my new training schedule. I had basically gone from back-to-back programs since April this year, training a 6-day week and I suppose he was conscious that it was time to rest and reset before smashing it all over again.

anb asia pacific international 2013 open model 2nd place

Natural Bodz ANB Asia Pacific International 2013: Placings for Open Model short category 1st #300 Rachel Jacobsohn (NSW), 2nd #264 Skye Lee (VIC), 3rd #141 Lauren Phillips (QLD), 4th #67 Elisha Graeff (QLD), 5th #325 Shai Hawkins (VIC)

sports motivation fitness

Not sure if you’ve already gathered this much, but I’m not really one to “rest”.

I was so used to the routine of marching to the gym before and after work that I felt soooo lost trying to deal with all this extra time I had all of a sudden. So how did I spend the time? Why, fantasizing about what I wanted to eat next duh. And eat I did. Under semi-controlled circumstances, of course!

Seriously, the bitter taste left by 2 weeks of intense HIIT cardio leading up to the last competition still lingers like sour milk in my mouth…I swear I still feel like throwing up every time I see a cross trainer or treadmill machine that I’m absolutely terrified of over gorging.

Please, for the love of God, don’t let me get those pesky love handles again, I don’t think I can bear another stint piss-bolting until my lungs die a painful death!
Indeed, I am now a fully converted weights-girl and Amen to that.

blueberry muffinThis time round, I took a different approach to my week of freedom and I’d like to think that I’ve learnt a thing or two from my previous post-comp binge-fests.

Instead of wolfing packets of Tim Tams and sweets indiscriminately, I paced myself and dripped “treats” into each day so I’d get a daily fix of sugar or what not. The plan worked pretty well until I hit Friday. Unfortunately, the pastry section at the market was simply too seductive and I succumbed to a small party pie. Followed by (several) chicken skewers…and topped off with a huge-ass blueberry muffin.

fitness pal2

It was disgustingly good and I am sad to admit I experienced some (okay, a lot of) remorse afterwards- all I could think about was how my body was sucking the morsels of sugar from what I just ate and sculpting wonderfully round love handles for me to exhibit… ghosts of HIIT sessions-past flashes before my eyes and I felt sick to my stomach.
Okay, so I am aware that my relationship with food at the moment is not optimal however, like any typical relationship, I am working on it. I know that one bad meal isn’t going to undo all the good, but does that rule apply when you aren’t really exercising?!

During my speed week of experimentation, I have been reading up a on few “diet” plans but the one that I really like is the most logical: calorie in, calorie out.

Want to maintain your current body weight and composition? Hit your macros (protein and fat) and stay within your calorie output per day
Not exactly rocket science, is it?

My issue was that I didn’t really know what my daily calorie output was, seeing that I’ve gone from 6 days a week intensive exercise to zilch but the calculators all point towards the 1480 to 1600 mark (you can check out your calorie per day calculator here).
In the end, I went with how my body felt and made sure I hit my protein macros. If I was hungry, I ate and made sure I had a dosage of protein with every meal. After all, balance is key but how would you know what is balance if you’re not mindful of what you’ve eaten?
I’m going to see if I can start chucking everything into a spreadsheet but right now I’m entering all my meals and tracking progress through My FitnessPal. If you haven’t gotten the app already, go check it out.

skye lee fitness model comp shots may 2013

The biggest problem area has always been my stomach. Despite having minimal body fat %, I had to do crap-loads of HIIT training leading up to comp to whittle away my lower belly.
(Top left) 2 weeks out
(Bottom left) on comp day itself
(Right) 2 days ago, despite blowing out my calorie intake on a couple of days and noshing on chocolate cake and pancakes in between low-carb days.

I’m happy to say that despite all the over-eating of crap (chocolate pancakes and ice cream included), I’ve come out the other side no different from my pre-cardio fest body.


Carbs in controlled portions and rationed to avoid over-load and subsequent love handle formations. Sweet potatoes are awesome for that low-GI fix.

Body fat and carb rations under control, I have a good feeling about this next phase in my training.
I’ve been warned that the next 2 weeks are going to be INTENSE. I say bring it on. I’m arm and loaded with glucose and not afraid to use it 😉

Stay warm and fuzzy while the frost moves in,



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