Two Week Challenge

skye lee fitness bikini model

fitness model diary

Not one to do things in halves, I’ve jumped straight back into a vicious two week intensive training program designed to lay on some serious gains!

Lesson #1: Mind over matter

girl squat rack

Dropping ass to grass…session 2. Each session cycle means an increase in weight per exercise.

After a short one week off, I was so eager beaver to get back into it that I told Trainer Ben to stack on the training sessions and go crazy-hard while I’m still enjoying my carb-high. His answer to my request? An intensive two week program designed to develop fast-twitch, type 2b muscle fibers which display the greatest power production and low-level resistance to fatigue.

Basically, low reps with heavier weights to stimulate dem muscle gains booyea…

This is a total different frame of mind to what I’ve experienced with HIIT or cardio sessions- it’s a whole different ball game and I swear every training session feels like a war zone in my head.

The amount of mental concentration required is exhausting. I’m walking away from sessions involuntarily shaking, mind numb and frothing at the mouth. And every session cycle the weight increases and what I thought could not be done gets done. I’ve surprised myself and how much could be achieved when I put my mind into it- seriously, mind is really over matter and if you believe you can do it, you’ll do it!

Looking forward to week two, then I’m off to Alice Springs for the biggest pig out no-training week of my life yay haha 😉

Lesson #2. Coconut cooking spray is awesome as a food, but also makes for an awesome glossy finishing on a patchy tan!

skye lee fitness bikini model

Getting better at doing my face, need a little more practice on the hair though

Last Saturday morning was spent prancing around Albert Park in my micro hot pants and covered in thick layers of coconut cooking spray. I should mention that it was only 6 degrees and I was FREEZING my ass off. All in the name of beauty, of course. Oh, and trying to look warm in front of a photographer.
I had the opportunity to collaborate with an exciting talented photographer over the weekend and did a couple of sports/fashion shots. The only thing is that I could have timed it a little better, being that I’m currently in the middle of an intensive bulking stage not really at my lowest body fat percentage, but I suppose it’s nothing a little smart lighting and posing can’t fix.
Exciting developments on the magazine and sponsorship front, however don’t want to jinx until they’ve been confirmed. Still on the look out for sponsorship potential though, supplements ain’t cheap! lol
On the plus side, I’m getting a whole lot better at putting on my own face and doing my hair, so looks like I’m learning a few things from my lovely make-up artist friends.

Oh, and check this out:

Lesson #3. We are a lucky country

alfred hospital doctors

Okay, so this last lesson of the week is a little left-field but it has to be said: Australia, thank you for a working health care system.

My poor girlfriend was emitted to a public hospital last Monday night after her 38 degree fever wasn’t subsiding after 3 days. As she sat in emergency wondering who to call before they handed her a backless robe and ushered her off to her designated ward, the nurse reassured her that she didn’t have to pay a cent for any of the medical treatment she was about to receive.

I have to say, I am grateful that we have a good health care system in this country and it doesn’t matter if you are a local, a citizen, an overseas student, a tourist, ANYONE can seek medical attention in our public hospital in an emergency and not be smacked with a hefty bill afterwards

I’m not saying our system is perfect, but thank god it’s there! Thank you Alfred Hospital for looking after every patient- girlfriend is now in good health and was released on Friday 🙂

That’s it for my diary entry this week. Round two starts at 8am sharp tomorrow, might have to get in earlier to roll-out my damn knees because I’m limping like a retarded donkey at the moment from too many squats. BRING ON THE PAIN!

Until next time, take care y’all and keep growing, learning and loving.




6 thoughts on “Two Week Challenge

  1. Can’t agree with you more, my fiance sat me down and made me watch “Sicko” the other day and I really do hope that the US have attempted to fix their health care system since then. Seriously, cost of prescription in Cuba vs. USA was appalling! Thanks for your comment and hope you have been well. Love, Skye x

  2. How versatile is it Elaine? I can still smell coconut, even after 5 days haha I must have transferred some off my skin and onto my bag on the day 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and reading hun and hope all is well in your fitness world too, Skye xx

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