skye lee skinny fat fitness blogger

LEG DAY for NINE DAYS straight. Seriously, if baby don’t get some serious ass after this then I’m obviously doing something wrong.

Just a quick brag post today…

Thought I earned the right considering I’m practically crawling on my hands and bung knees because my legs are both broken from rotating good-ol’ fashion sets of back & front squats, leg curls and deadlifts.

Oh, and before you decide to punch me in the face for being a smug princess, guess what came in the mail today?


skye's fitbit flex

Ain’t she pretty?

Hehe…my new house arrest bracelet so I can obsessively track my progress when I start shredding my fat caterpillar layers on IIFYM concept (thanks Paulo) after this bulking stage.

So excited I could go on a 10K walk to try out my new toy haha 😉



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