Back from the er, Outback!

but I’ve been painfully crawling back from the land of dessert tables full of every flavor cake you can imagine and buffet breakfast galore!

buffet dessert tablehilton the cookie

Ah yes…

the seductive call of a 306 calorie “welcome” cookie was much stronger than the mandatory HIIT sessions to follow after my holiday food binge.

That’s right kids, I succumbed to gluttony and now paying the price- 2 weeks outside the most important photo shoot of my life eek!

This time round, I’m promising less bitching and more sprinting. Every day, every session, every set is counting more than ever again and I’m going to bust my balls if it means not being forever immortalized as a bloated whale on celluloid.

So, here’s where I lost the plot

I’ve been monitoring my macros and calories since my last sports model comp and was actually flying pretty well through my intensive bulk stage…feast your eyes on the pretty spreadsheet below:

iifym binge out skye lee fitness model
See how the column labelled “P/C/F” (protein/carbs/fat) was a pretty pastel color before Saturday hit “danger zone red”? Basically, that’s when my 4 day exercise black list commenced and I was ordered to keep eating but sit on my ass- no gym, no social exercise. Hell, I was not even allowed to do my usual 40 minute walk! Not only did my carb intake hit over 200g on some days, I also got up to 3000 calories on a couple of days.

Remember how I was excited to get myself a Fitbit bracelet a couple of weeks ago? The thing tracks how much movement I do in a day and estimates my calorie consumption based on my height, age and body weight. The values in the “Calories” column is [calories consumed] ^ [calories after exercise factored out].

alice springs fitness-center

DoubleTree Hilton, Alice Springs: Let’s just say I had to use a little creativity to keep training on my program with limited equipment. This was the best gym in Alice Springs. Beggars can’t be choosers I ‘spose lol

You can see that during my blow-out days I was exercising like a crazy person, but I was eating waaaaay over what my body needed.

What happens when you eat more than you burn?

Duh, not rocket science…
That’s how my beloved stomach pooch returned.
And poochie came back with a vengeance.

belly fat

The bulk has ended and the shredding has commenced!
Here’s poochie today, will post another progress shot in another 3 days hopefully showing less rather than more…I’m so happy about HIIT I can throw up ugh.

Other than RUNNING MY ASS OFF the last couple of days, here’s the short and sweet of my life since my last post (which has been like, forever!):

I wore a full body tracksuit, hid my hair under a base ball cap and made no eye contact with anyone. Obviously, I’m alive so my ninja disguise worked.


Hilton Cookie: NoOoO! Take your devil cookie and stop offering it to me you evil evil woman!

It was a welcome gift when checking into the Hilton. And free. The Asian in me had to eat it.
Think of all the starving children.

skye lee western cowboy outfit

Stick ’em up! Think I got my inspiration for my next competition outfit theme 😉

Exciting secret squirrel developments happening in the midst. Very cool stuff, highly top secret. I want to say so much more but don’t want to jinx what’s in the pipeline so watch this space skinny Fatties!

Shedding fat before my trainer gets back from his holiday overseas (lol),


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