Getting Camera Ready- Snap me, Dallas!


SB3 Photography

skye lee dallas camera ready workshop

Ready for my close up: (before, below) 2 weeks ago and carrying a food baby after 4 days of scoffing buffets; (after, ta-da!) obligatory selfie on shoot day, water and carb manipulation makes for a flatter stomach!

belly fat

Ha. Take that, body!

I KNEW you could operate on minimal carbs, churn out all those numb-numbing HIIT sessions AND squeeze out an epic 14 page memo to appease the boss at The Daily Planet. Read: Super Girl does it again booyea!

Not that I’m endorsing that anyone should ever take up an extreme shedding program for fun, because it was comparable to slamming fingers in car doors.

Two weeks. That’s 14 days to reduce body fat percentage to shed my lower stomach. You see, you can’t just target an area to lose fat. In order to slim down the stomach, you have to basically slim down everywhere else. Needless to say, it’s a royal pain in the ass. And quads.

How did I do it?

In a nut shell, I spent the two weeks maintaining my daily weight training program and adding extra high intensity training to speed up the glycogen depletion to force myself into ketosis (the state where the body is forced to use stored fat as an energy source). That’s right kids, mama was one grumpy lady being carb-deprived and all.

The last element to the equation was making sure I was in a slight calorie deficit- a fine line between feeding my body enough protein and fats to drop the fat without losing too much (or any) muscle.

The last thing I wanted to do was shock my body into starvation mode and slow my metabolism to a halt

So why was I doing this? Because I had booked in for one of the most exciting photo shoot workshops with the legendary Dallas Olsen and the Fit Media team at Oxygen Magazine months before and I was hell bent on getting in front of the camera in optimal shape.

camera ready workshop olsen

on the scene of the workshop

So glam: behind the scene at the legendary FitMedia aka. Oxygen studio with Dallas & Lindy Olsen.

behind the scenes

Shoot #2: Thought I might as well maximise the spray tan and hard exercise and dieting, so lined up a shoot for today with talented photographer Ren Bayani from SB3 Photography.

It was brute determination and the fear of looking like a beached whale that motivated me to belt out all those agonizing HIIT sessions every night for 2 weeks.

The weekend has now come and gone and I have left the workshop inspired once again and proud that I am learning more about my strengths everyday.

Let’s say that I’m extremely relieved to wash away yet another spray tan and fully concentrate on my training program in preparation for the October sports model competitions. Build more muscle so I can boost my metabolism and eat more ice cream? Hell yea haha!

Take care for the week ahead and keep snug fellow Melbournians,



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