No pressure, no diamonds


sports motivation quotes skye lee
Usually when I’m quiet on the blog front it’s because:

1) I’m too busy to scratch; and/or
2) too knackered from training; and/or
3) too depressed to write about my lack of progress.

barramundi fish filletPhase “eat white fish until I puke” began last Monday in a bid to spike my body into fat burning mode, but the week long ordeal has been torturous- I swear I have never craved a big, juicy steak more than sugar before, but I suppose there’s a first for everything!

Stomach pooch molded during Outback binge-fest is still not freakin’ budging and impending trip to the USA at the end of the month is seriously concerning me, especially since the first competition is set to drop early October and I come back to home mid-September. Couple that anxiety with a stupid injury to my triceps, and I haven’t been in the best frame of mind.

sports motivation quotes

Numerous myotherapy sessions and a tube and a half of Deep Heat later and my arm is only just feeling closer to normal. Mainly, I’m frustrated. I hate feeling mentally and physically drained and I desperately want that energy back so I can give 100 per cent during training. Right now, I find myself having to gather every last ounce of mental strength to psych myself up- lifting myself out the car is a battle in itself, and that’s even before I step foot inside the gym!

But I do it. And I figured out why I do it. What gets me over the line during times like these is the sense of routine and having that bigger picture in my head. Do I want to be stage ready come October? Do I want to compete again and keep pushing myself beyond pain and comfort? Do I want to keep growing and getting stronger?

roller coaster quotesHell yea! No more bitching out and whinging. This is my choice and any pain and discomfort is self-inflicted. If I want this I will do it properly. After all, life’s like a roller coaster and the peaks and troughs are what makes it thrilling. That’s the message I want to share with everyone this week- stay strong and remember why you started in the first place because what challenges you will shape you for the better.

Sending positive thoughts for the week ahead,



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