It’s Not You, It’s Me


skinny fat

Silence is never a good thing, right?

I’ve noticed that I always go through massive peaks and troughs on posting- it’s either the sun is shining out of my ass and life is going sweet, or I’m curled in the corner of the shower crying like sap.

Since my last update waaaay back in August, I’ve been agonizing over whether to grin and bear it for one more round of competitions in October or to hang up my shiny padded bikini and fund the retirement plans of all the pimply-faced teenagers at my local Grill’d burger joint.

Well, the verdict is out kids and I break my silence now: say hello to the new bench warmer for the upcoming October comps.

I suppose I knew this was coming- even before I flew off on holidays. Two weeks out from partying in the USA (queue Miley Cyrus song here), my mind and body was turning into moosh. I was constantly exhausted and, instead of leaning down as planned, my body was fighting back and holding onto body fat despite changes to my diet and training.

Time flies when you’re having fun or on a mission to achieve goals, but I didn’t realize I have been in back to back comps since last October. It’s been an incredible journey so far and I must stress that this isn’t the end. In fact, this is still the freakin’ beginning! Oh, and check this out: I made it in the Australian issue of Iron Man woOt!

sports bikini model anb australiaStill haven’t gotten myself a copy (I know, I know…appalling huh…haha), so the screenie is courtesy of my stoked personal trainer.

I am pledging to spend more time with friends and family and am so excited to start bringing my mum to body balance classes once a week. I’m secretly hoping to ease her into going regularly and then start her with some weight training hehe…

Apart from being more lax with my food (within reason, of course) I’m excited to start a new training program designed by my fantastic coach and friend Ben Siong from ASP Training. Can’t wait to see what new torture he’s got in store for me, I say, “Is that all you got, boy?” 😉

I’ll keep posting as I explore life outside of comp-mode- if anyone is interested in competing or want to see some incredible physiques, I highly recommend going to the competitions happening all around Australia next month. Get behind the competitors and share their stories- good luck to everyone competing and kill it on stage!

Love you all,


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