Why Women Should Do Weights



Sometimes I wonder what century we are living in when I see a women’s health magazine promoting this:

women's health and fitness magazine australia

“Moves for muscle-phobes: fat-burning moves 100& blast, 0% bulk”

Are you kidding me? How absolutely backwards is this statement, not to mention reinforcing the ridiculous notion that you will “bulk” simply by exercising?!

Let me straighten this up: it is freakin’ hard for women to put on muscle bulk and I am a living example of this.

I have been lifting weights since October 2012. It’s now November 2013 and I have only managed to put on little over 5kg of muscle mass, and that’s me going all out at the gym 6 out of 7 days a week and eating like crazy.

skye lee 2nd open model short anb asia pacific 2013

We all come in different shapes and sizes, but shock horror: all the girls in this photo LIFT. Still think weights make you look manly?

Women just don’t have the level of human growth hormones (testosterone) that guys do. What does this mean? It means that unless you are injecting yourself with steroids, you won’t turn into a she-man by lifting weights. In fact, some women can do with some muscle because it’s muscle that helps you torch/burn/melt fat faster.


More muscle mass equals less body fat~ bye-bye turkey arms and lower belly pooch and hello perky ass and toned, lean arms

Sure, you’ll drop a few kilos on the scales if you keep your cardio exercise up but if you only have a small ratio of muscle on your frame you’ll start looking like a chain-smoking anorexic supermodel instead of sexy and strong (think Katy Perry in her jungle outfit in her video-clip for “Roar”).

fit vs skinny

Which would you rather: no fat no muscles, or lean and toned muscles?

So please, for the love of God, do not shun the true benefits of weight training because of some silly hoscience proclaiming that you will “look like a man”. No you won’t. You’ll look freakin’ awesome, not to mention stronger mentally and physically.

Phew, rant over…going to shave my upper lip growth and punch a couple of holes in a wall now.

Until next time, say no to ‘roids,



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