Skye’s the Limit: 2014 Update


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First things first,

I’m officially inheriting a permanent man-bag​ and, as of the 1st of April, I’ll be selecting “Mrs” from all those annoying drop down boxes. If you still don’t know, that means I am getting married.


Don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely thrilled at the thought of entering an Evergreen Agreement in this day and age.

However, I am more concerned about whether I’ll get time to hit the gym in the morning of the ceremony rather then stressing what colour flowers I want for the table centrepieces (oh my gward, just choose one already)!

​And, just because I have ALL the time in the world, I am aiming to get back on stage to compete in a couple of events pre and post wedding dates. Oh, and did I mention that I’m smack-bang in the middle of my certificate IV in Fitness, with my final assessments scheduled just days prior me waltzing down the aisle with my hunk of spunk?

Phew…so there it is, I’ve been pretty much MIA due to a few factors that include organizing a wedding, preparing for a couple of comps AND finishing my PT qualification.

Am I busy? HELL YEA. Am I enjoying it? SHIT YEA!

How red are we?! My sister and I after a smashing of a sesh at ASP gym.

Have I ever said screw this, I’m going to the gym?
All the ​freakin’ ​time.

But enough about my other hoo-ha’s going on in my Life of Pi, this is a blog about fitness damn it and fitness is what I’m going to talk about here.
Here’s a few things that have changed since my last rant in December? November? *Shrug* lol :

Clean cheating…or just plain dirty cheating

iifym korean chicken chinese steam fish

IIFYM: Korean spicy chicken with white rice vs. chinese steam fish

The one God-send is that I’m not the crazy clean-eating machine I was before. I’m still eating heaps of healthy greens and a meat-a-saurus, but I now enjoy fruits (I know right, sugar? Nooooo way!) and burgers and chips. Say whhhhhhat? You heard me, burgers and chips. How? I discovered this thing called moderation and self-control. It’s awesome, you should try it sometime 😉

New gym, new program

tyreflipsSame trainer though. No one can kick my ass like Ben Siong from Australian Strength Performance (shameless plug intended) and over the next few weeks I’m glad he’s got me chained to a sled and my back with a whip ​….literally.

Okay, maybe not the whip but the sled is true. His new facility is kick-ass, complete with killer prowlers, truck tyres, modified bar towers and sexy ​Eleiko weights. More high intensity circuits, more programs with more with less reps​​ and definitely more fun to the old routine.

​​​​Perfection before progression

gym selfie

Work in progress: abs are starting to show through, more than last year which is a good sign 🙂

​Maybe because I’m a chick, but I didn’t mind dropping the weight and resetting most of my compound (basic) exercises to get my form spot-on before stacking on the weight again.

Yea it sucked a little because I was back to squatting the bar for a bit, but doing so has really helped me engage my core and glutes instead of just muscling the weight with uneven movement.

My squats, push ups, chip ups have all improved as a result and all it took was slowing down and reteaching my body which muscles I’m actually meant to engage. ​

gym memes

jon and skye​I know the ​​saying​ is progress before perfection​, but in ​strength training it is imperative that form is solid before trying to go heavier. You wouldn’t build a house on a unstable base, so why would you load yourself up when you don’t have a foundation to do it?

​That’s the story of my life for now, will try to keep updating (if I get a moment to scratch).

Til then, take care, be merry and keep smiling.

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